Zrin the Sun Fist. Plasma Sentinel from Cryos.

Images of Zrin.

Zrin,as he is seen on the Darkspore Beta website

Zrin incinerated an entire Darkspore horde.

Zrin the Sun Fist is a Plasma Sentinel from Cryos. Thanks to his great size, musculature and strength, can use powerful melee attacks to decimate enemies.


Zrin was the first Living Weapon ever to be revealed. He was first seen in a screenshot that was leaked a few days before Darkspore's official announcement, where he was seen as concept art on Darkspore.com and in the Announcement trailer.


Criminal. Scoundrel. Gangster. Outcast. By the time the Corruptor’s hordes conquered Cryos, the jailers of prisoner Zrin were either corpses or mutated creatures who’d left their prisoners to die in their cages.

While he lay dying in his cell from silicon poisoning, Zrin received a visitation he did not understand and never would. A towering creature unlike any he’d ever seen appeared inside his cell and touched his head. Zrin writhed in agony, feeling his body surge with unbearable heat, as if from the skin of a star. And then the super-being--Crogenitor Ptyron--vanished as if he’d never appeared.

But when Zrin awoke, he stood, energized. And as if by instinct, he released plasma from one fist and lightning from the other to blast apart his jail cell.

Slaughtering a raging mass of Darkspore, Zrin escaped his gulag and ran for the nearest city he could find. Zrin’s aims were simple: pure survival. Had the Corruptor’s forces offered those to him without stealing his mind, he would have joined them in a heart-beat.


Abilities plasma sunfist.png

Sunfist (Basic Ability - Physical Attack/Stun)

The power to melt or incinerate anything or anyone

A passive ability stemmed from Zrin's powerful fists. When Zrin attacks, he will punch an enemy with one fist, alternating between his right and left hands. Whenever Zrin punches an enemy with this left hand, the Sunfist, the enemy receives slightly more damage than if he had punched with his right, and also sets the punched enemy on fire. Killing an enemy with a critical using the Sunfist causes the enemy corpse to melt or deteriorate into a burning black husk. Punching an enemy with his right hand, which conducts electricity, occasionally stuns enemies.

Abilities plasma PainFuries.png

Pain Hounds (Defense Ability - Self Buff - Plasma Minions)

Damage from direct attacks spawns Pain Hounds that can finish off Zrin's enemies.

Abilities plasma hardenedSkin.png

Hardened Skin (Innate Passive Ability - Damage Absorption)

Gives near invincibility - absorbs damage to make Zrin stronger.

Abilities plasma PlasmaColumn.png

Plasma Column (Squad Ability - AOE Defense)

A cyclone of fire and lightning - the ultimate protection against attackers

When activated, Zrin is surrounded by a devastating electroplasma aura that damages all enemies around him.

Meteor Strike (Alpha Variant Ability - AOE Stun/Attack)

Calls down a meteor on a targeted point

Zrin is able to select any point on the map as a target, and then call down a flaming plasma meteor that explodes on impact, stunning and greatly damaging all enemies in the area of effect.

Hero Spotlight[]

Recently, Darkspore released a new video about Zrin, part of their new feature 'Hero Spotlight'.



Zrin's "alternate profile". To see this picture and read its text clearly, click Here.

  • Zrin is the unofficial mascot of Darkspore. He is the website icon of Darkspore's Tumblr feed, is in the background of the game's official Twitter page, is the icon for the Darkspore links on the Twitter page, features in early concept art and screenshots, is seen in the original announcement trailer, was playable in the original GamesCom, Comic-Con and PAX 2010 demos, was the very first hero ever to be revealed and stars the first of the Hero Spotlight videos.
  • In an early concept art shown in Darkspore's Comic-Con panel, his full name is "Zrin Yee".
  • Zrin’s 'Pain Hounds' ability was once called 'Pain Furies', but was changed in his Hero Spotlight video.
  • There is an image that depicts an alternate profile for Zrin. According to the lore in the image, the Crogenitor who granted Zrin the power of the Sun Fist was named Ptyron, a Crogenitor that already existed from early concepts. It is not known if this is in fact a screenshot of an official page on the main website, but the inconsistency in spelling, captions, classification and imagery and the lack of people who have actually seen this profile on the website suggest that it is only an unofficial, fan-made profile.
  • Zrin's name may be a play on the word "Incinerate", a reference to his ability to burn things.
  • It is Unknown whether it was Blitz who put Zrin in Jail,It seems likely as they were of the same species and Blitz was revealed to be a Bane of Criminals
  • Zrin may be of the same Species as Blitz and Lumin,as they all have similar characteristics,and they are all mentioned as members of "Cyrosi Civilisation"
  • Zrin appears to be one of the More "Evil" heroes,with his own motivations and reasons for Joining the Neo-Croginitor insurgency.

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