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Zencrie is the final planet you visit in Spore Creatures. It's inhabitants include Broogus, Starspeck, Koth, one Skuther and possibly Gar' skuther. It is the second/third smallest planet in its star system, and it's landmass is poisonous making it bearly habitable.

A part of Zencrie

Ingame it says this about the planet "An erie yellow haze veils the atmosphere of this ringed planet. The rotting soil doesn't seem to be able to support that much life, and only the snowcapped mountainous region appear habbitable."


Due to Gar' skuther's experiments, the planet has been reduced to a T1. Presumably, before the experiments started, it was T3. The water also appears to be very murky, but still seems to support some life. Due to food shortages, the planet's inhabitants, particularly Broogus and Starspecks, often fight over food.


Zencrie is a very mountainous planet, with some valleys in between.

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