The ruins of Nakto are held together by a gravitational field and energy bridges.

Zelem's Nexus is then name given to the ruins of a planet in the game Darkspore. It was once a peaceful planet called Nakto, but it was destroyed by a Crogenitor called Zelem when he tried to build a teleporter to the planet's core, and was later conquered by the Darkspore. Zelem built an artificial gravitation field that keeps the floating chunks left of Nakto from floating off into space. Although he was unsuccessful in perfecting this gravity field, the Darkspore were able to perfect it when they took over Zelem's Nexus and made their base there. Certain areas of the Nexus are located inside gigantic orbs covered in thousands of small octagon-shaped windows that continuously pulsate a blue light. Some other parts appear to be located within destroyed building and on floating ruins. Some ares even appear to be simply floating in the vacuum of space, with the orbital centre visible in the background. Many of the isles are connected by the energy bridges seen above.


Once the gentle planet Nakto, Zelem's Nexus is a freakish array of orbiting islands held together by Crogenitor technology.

The Crogenitor Zelem gave birth to his Nexus by opening a dimensional portal at the core of planet Nakto, shattering it. Zelem spent the rest of his life operating his gravity tethers to keep the islands from crashing into each other, or the orbital centre.

When the Darkspore conquered the Nexus, they perfected Zelem's gravity-wheel, stabilizing the Nexus as a staging area for galactic conquest.

Their plan succeeded.

The Crogenitor Insurgency must retake the Nexus to recover Zelem's advanced technology. If purged of Darkspore control, Zelem's Nexus could become the first monumental step... towards freeing the galaxy.

Gameplay Description[]

Zelem's Nexus poses a challenge unlike any other thanks to an impressive assortment of Quantum.

The Quantum Darkspore take full advantage of spacetime, whether they're causing genetic heroes to forcefully teleport, blinking through space themselves to avoid an oncoming projectile, or manipulating time to speed up their already swift brethren.

Crogenitors who manage to brave their way through the traps that await them will, ultimately, have to face Polaris, the Gravity Manipulator, and overcome his powerful gravitational wells.

Primary Genesis Type[]

As revealed by MaxisMikella, each planet has a primary genesis type. This means that, unlike secondary types, which can change from sector to sector, primary types are found anywhere on the planet.

The primary Genesis type for Zelem's Nexus is Quantum.

Known Inhabitants[]









The planet has every type of planet!