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Zealots are certain that their beliefs are the only truth that matters. Those who do not feel the same way are not worthy to exist in this galaxy.

- In-game description

The Zealot philosophy is one of the 10 different Archetypes found in the Space Stage of Spore. NPC empires with this archetype have a similar personality to the Warrior empires, in that they are quite aggressive, with additional religious undertones. Although they are both suited for diplomacy and military combat, they are aggressive towards other species and often declare war on other alien races without warning. Even if the player's species are Zealots themselves, computer Zealots will still demand tribute from them and can declare war if the requirements are not met.


Unique PowerEdit

The Zealots acquire the Fanatical Frenzy unique ability. Fanatical Frenzy can be used to convert any planet to your empire without destroying the cities, but it breaks the Galactic Code, so expect nearby empires to declare war if used. However, if you use this near the Galactic Core, your relations with the Grox will improve.

Gaining ArchetypeEdit

Through Evolution

The Zealot archetype is awarded to species that have only Red and Green cards. An even number of each is required if starting from the Cell or Tribal stages. Two of one and one of the other is required if starting from the Creature stage.

The Recommended Path is Red Red Green Green

  • Cell: To help with next card and Power Monger for Weapon effeciency
  • Creature: Prime Specimen Gives more health
  • Tribal: Gracious Greeting boost relationship points
  • Civilization: Just easier to stick with the card because you started with it, Having a reduced chance of Eco Disaster is always helpful.
Behavior in the Cell Stage Behavior in the Creature Stage Behavior in the Tribal Stage Behavior in the Civilization Stage Resulting archetype
Herbivore Social Aggressive Military Zealot
Herbivore Predator Friendly Military Zealot
Herbivore Predator Aggressive Religious Zealot
Carnivore Social Friendly Military Zealot
Carnivore Social Aggressive Religious Zealot
Carnivore Predator Friendly Religious Zealot
Skipped Social Friendly Military Zealot
Skipped Social Aggressive Religious Zealot
Skipped Social Aggressive Military Zealot
Skipped Predator Friendly Religious Zealot
Skipped Predator Friendly Military Zealot
Skipped Predator Aggressive Religious Zealot
Skipped Skipped Friendly Military Zealot
Skipped Skipped Aggressive Religious Zealot

Through MissionEdit

First you must ally with an empire following this philosophy with a strength factor of 4 or 5, then you may request to become 'like' them from the mission interface. After paying §5,000,000, the mission given is to create new colonies on 15 different planets. Upon completion return to claim your reward and you will change your philosophy and associated archetype, losing your old superpower and gaining the Zealot's Fanatical Frenzy power.

Note that you may not colonize 15 planets and then automatically complete the mission upon its acceptance. You must accept and pay for the mission first, and then colonize 15 planets. Acquiring another empire's existing colonies does not appear to contribute to the mission goal. You must construct colonies on 15 uninhabited planets (via the Colony Incredi-Pak) in order for the colony to count. It should count towards the mission goal if you destroy a foreign planet's existing cities or tribal huts (rendering the world uninhabited) and then colonize it.


"We the Zealot Empire follow the one, true Philosophy of Faith! Woe be to those who do not share our beliefs in the teachings of Spode, for they are wrong in the face of all that is right. If you were to repent now and admit your wrongness, we the Zealot Empire may take mercy upon you and help you to see the way of the Rightness!"

Zealot empires believe in the teachings of Spode, an as-yet unseen and unknown to exist omnipotent creature that, according to Zealot Philosophy, opposes the Grox and represents the ultimate power in the Galaxy. The exact nature of these teachings is unknown, but it can be gleaned from Zealot behaviour that they are told (or have been at least misinformed) to destroy non-believers. The only thing they hate more than the Grox is, "The False God That Will Come", who a lot of Shamans worship. This is possibly why their main NPC enemies in certain Maxis-made adventures are shamans. Because of this, players often find Zealots as the first enemy empires in the space stage, and they can attack you even if you are a Zealot yourself. At first, you will get a bonus 10 relationship if you are also a zealot but over time the small relation bonus goes away.


Zealots have basic ship enhancements available such as weapons and tools for interacting with primitives, as well as basic terraforming tools.

Scrolls of Faith Edit

Main article: Scrolls of Faith

The questions of a million years oppress us. Who am I? Why was I made? What is my purpose? What is the purpose of the universe? Shall I survive after death? Can I be happy? Scientists can only tell us about forces and matter. Philosophers chase each other in circles. None of them can really answer the questions that we really care about.

Only Spode has the answers. Follow the Law of Spode, and all shall be clear.

Faith in Spode quiets all doubt. Spode tells you why you exist, assures you that you have a purpose, tells you how to behave, and assures you of eternal happiness. Those opposed to Spode say that there is no evidence for any of these assertions. But what evidence is needed, beyond the joy in the hearts of those who follow Spode?

It is natural for the followers of Spode to wish to spread this joy. This is why we engage in missionary work and in conquest, so that more of Spode's creatures can be brought to Spode's Truth.

That is why we are vigilant against those who do not accept the Truth. If false doctrine causes a follower to doubt, that person's eternal happiness is in jeopardy! In order to free ourselves from doubt, we strive to eliminate all who reject Spode's Word.

Spode's greatest enemies are the Grox and those who believe in the false God That Will Come.

The Grox are a machine race incapable of understanding the Word of Spode. They are a blasphemy in machine form.

The Grox prevent us from shining the light of Spode on the center of the galaxy. On the Day of Reckoning, we shall destroy them in Spode's holy name!

The God That Will Come is a false deity. If this god exists at all, it is a demon bent on preventing Spode's worship. Whenever you encounter his followers, you should know you have encountered an enemy!

Love Spode and follow his Truth! Otherwise, your life is meaningless.

Beliefs Edit

The Zealots follow the being known as Spode. They are, as their names suggests, very zealous of their beliefs. Spode's appearance isn't mentioned much, but it is said he has tentacles. The Zealots also speak of the Eye of Spode. This is likely to be the center of the Galaxy, which could mean the spiral arms are the tentacles, which could mean that Spode is the Galaxy. However the Zealots refer to Spode in such a way that it would be more likely that Spode created the Galaxy in his image.

Spode's true power is unknown, but in a Maxis-made adventure, when a Spode Priest finishes his prayers, lightning falls from the sky and kills all the enemies and destroys their boats.

In some missions, the Zealots mention that Spode has a pet, and they ask you to retrieve one of its species.

Zealots also believe in demons. In some eradication mission where creatures must be eradicated, the Zealots will claim that these creatures must be eradicated due to them being demonic entities. And mentioned in the Scrolls of Faith, they also believe that the God That Will Come, if it exists, must also be a demon.

Leadership Edit

Most people who ponder on this tend to assume that Zealots are probably a Theocracy. They are led by their god, Spode, and priests and/or nuns who claim they are prophets.

Galactic AdventuresEdit

Zealot tools

Zealot tools in Galactic Adventures.


  1. - Believer
  2. - Worshipper
  3. - Acolyte
  4. - Monk
  5. - Chaplain
  6. - Priest
  7. - Abbot
  8. - Bishop
  9. - Prophet
  10. - Holy

Campaign AdventureEdit

The Zealot campaign adventure is Temple of Spode where the player has to escort the Priest of Spode to the titular location.

Captain AccessoriesEdit

Defensive Accessories ( first gives you slightly reduced damage, no energy cost, second gives more reduced damage, slight energy cost, third gives completely negated damage, high energy cost, fourth gives protection from damage, gives energy back).


  • Given the fact that the description of a Zealot does not include the word "Spode" or the words "The God That Will Come", and the fact that other Zealot empires treat you like a non-zealot, it is possible that you are a Zealot but have your own religion and worship a different god.
  • Some people believe that the eye that appears on the Zealot card is a symbol for religion itself, not a symbol of Spode. This is based on, as the above statement says, the fact that Zealot empires will still treat you like a non-Zealot, and the fact that the same eye is used for religious civilizations in the Civilization Stage, as they worship The Source.
  • The Zealot's firm belief in their religion and their dislike of others make them similar to the religious dictatorship of the Covenant in the Halo video game series.
  • Some fans have called the zealot religion "Spodology"; some others "Spodism".
  • Shamans mention The God That Will Come.
  • The religion is represented by an eye, but in a Maxis Adventure, Spode is represented by a symbol that resembles the top of a needle with a star.
  • Sometimes on one's homeworld, there are temples that seem to be shaped like tentacles, which cause some people to believe a Spode-following civilization used to thrive on the planet.
  • There is also the theory of you following Spode, but other Zealots do not realize this.
  • Another theory states that the player is Spode, and their empire is the player's cult.
  • Following this is on the description of Fanatical Frenzy is "Converts others to the one true way.", showing as you're converting others to the teaching of Spode.
  • The Zealot philosophy contains several references to real life religions, and their teaching's. For example in the communications screen, the zealots will mention "reject not ye traveler". This could be a reference to Hebrews 13:2 from the Bible, which says "Do not forget to entertain strangers, for by so doing some people have entertained angels without knowing it."
  • When a Zealot empire requests the player to get artifacts, they say that records of that planet were destroyed in the "War of Spodification", possibly referring to the abilities of a Zealot empire to conquer neighbors using militant conversion tactics like Fanatical Frenzy.