An everyday star system with a Yellow Star in the center.

An image of a yellow star.

A yellow main sequence is a medium sized star much like the Earth's Sun. Stars in this size range have a lifespan of 8-14 billion years. These are class G stars with a surface temperature of about 6,040 degrees Celsius (10,900 degrees Fahrenheit or approximately 6,310 Kelvin). Yellow stars in Spore range from orange to yellow from the interestellar view, so they also represent the real-life K-type (orange), G-type (yellow) and F-type (yellow-white) stars. These types of stars generally yield planets with yellow spice. In some cases, green, pink and purple spice can be seen on any planet (Green Spice is slightly more common on planets that have a red or blue orbit). The players' Homeworld always orbits a main Sequence star, and these stars are the second most common type of Star in the Galaxy. This is odd due to the fact that the players' species can live for a much longer period according to the timeline. Player Homeworlds are the only yellow star planet that can produce Red spice and sometimes the first planet you colonize depending if the star is yellow. All other spice types, except blue, are generated randomly according to the spice chart.

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