Yeedo is a lobster-like creature found in Spore Hero Arena.

After exploring Eses Minnobah, your creature will meet Yeedo, who then tries to make the player get out of his home by attacking them, but he is too weak. After you defeat Yeedo, he claims that the only reason the player's creature was able to win is because of a blue meteor fragment that you had picked up before meeting him has made you stronger, and then proceeds to tell you about his past life as a well-known blacksmith. One day when he was younger, a red glowing crystal fell from the sky, and all creatures, including Yeedo, wanted it. Yeedo made seven medals out of the red rock, and he was envied more than ever. Battles and tournaments were held to see who would win the red fragments, and in the end, the creatures who did win them became mutated, and Yeedo quit his job to flee in shame. Yeedo then gives the player a red meteorite fragment in hopes that you will make it of use, and helps you repair your spaceship. Afterward, Yeedo goes with you in your ship and gives the player advice throughout the game.

Trivia Edit

- Yeedo may be based off of Yoda from Star Wars, as they are both small green aliens who happen to be very old and live alone. They even have similar names.

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