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In the Galaxy, you will come across planets known as Water Planets. These types of planets have too much water on the surface and the atmosphere is too dense to support life. The temperature isn't too hot or too cold but wields a high density atmosphere.

An everyday Water Planet.

They are found on green orbits, being more easy to terraform than Lava Planets or Ice Planets. They can only support a City hall if it fits on the terrain, and must be terraformed to mine Spice. They are typically rare in the Spore Galaxy, but a few are scattered around.

A Water Planet, what seems like dozens of Whirlwinds can be seen.


Wind Funnels[]

Also known as whirlwinds, these gusts of water will damage your ship if you fly too close to them. These will also appear in Adventures if the creator has set the atmosphere to be very thick or if most of the planet's surface is covered in water.

Electric Storms[]

These are thunderstorms that float around in the heavy atmosphere and will cause severe damage to your UFO if you fly too close.


Earth is a water planet at T1. It has a perfect temperature, and a somewhat high atmosphere.

Threats Minor Damage Medium Damage Major Damage
Electric Storms X O O
Wind Funnels X X O