Tips and TricksEdit

  • The fastest way to become a warrior is to simply play Civilization stage as a military nation.
  • There is no real strategy for earning this achievement, with the only real task is becoming a Warrior in the first place. The ways to become a Warrior are:
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A player using the Raider Rally tool, the warrior-type consequence tool.

Behavior in the Cell Stage Behavior in the Creature Stage Behavior in the Tribal Stage Behavior in the Civilization Stage Resulting archetype
Herbivore Predator Aggressive Military Warrior
Omnivore Predator Aggressive Military Warrior
Carnivore Social Aggressive Military Warrior
Carnivore Adaptable Aggressive Military Warrior
Carnivore Predator Friendly Military Warrior
Carnivore Predator Industrious Military Warrior
Carnivore Predator Aggressive Religious Warrior
Carnivore Predator Aggressive Economic Warrior
Carnivore Predator Aggressive Military Warrior
Skipped Social Industrious Military Warrior
Skipped Adaptable Friendly Military Warrior
Skipped Predator Aggressive Military Warrior
Skipped Skipped Aggressive Military Warrior
Skipped Skipped Skipped Military Warrior
  • You can also become a warrior by doing Warrior or Knight “Change Archetype” missions. For more information, visit Warrior or Knight.

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