Warmonger Badge

"You've started XX wars."

Awarded for starting wars. This badge can be earned while earning the Conqueror badge.

This badge at any level is easier to get than others. The easy thing is to go far out into the galaxy and break war with them. But what's really needed is patience, because one of the first mistakes players make is trying to get this badge with low health, energy, and extremely bad weapons. It's recommended people gain a bit more experience, then try to earn the badges from Warmonger 3 to 5. Another way is to ally the Grox. That way, you would earn all five badges instantly. Breaking the Galactic Code helps towards both methods.

Another tip for attaining this achievement is to gain lots of money, start a war, pay money to stop it, and then start it again. Each time you restart it, it counts as a new war.

Level Number Conditions Badge Points for Completion Rewards
1 Start 1 war 2 Mini Bomb
2 Start 3 wars 4 Justa Bomb · Loyalty Booster
3 Start 6 wars 6 Mega Bomb · Rally Call · Uber Turret
4 Start 10 wars 8 Shield
5 Start 15 wars 10
Master Badge