Wanderer's communication background.

Wanderers want to sample a little bit of everything. The galaxy is vast and they want to experience it all.

- In-game description

Wanderer Unique Power[]

The Wanderer has no unique power. See the specific archetype for information. They originally had a tool named the Species Shuffler which would change all species on the planet.

Gaining The Wanderer Archetype[]

Through Evolution[]

The Wanderer archetype is given to species that start in the Space stage.

Behavior in the Cell Stage Behavior in the Creature Stage Behavior in the Tribal Stage Behavior in the Civilization Stage Resulting archetype
Skipped Skipped Skipped Skipped Wanderer

Through Mission[]

You cannot become a Wanderer through missions. If you ask a player-made Wanderer empire to teach you to be like them, you will be given the Diplomat Mission instead. This makes it possible to turn 2 wanderer game saves both into diplomat without talking to other empires

Wanderer's Philosophy[]

The Wanderer follows the Scrolls of Order, although they do not speak or trade the same as Diplomats.

Galactic Adventures[]


  1. - Recruit
  2. - Vagabond
  3. - Hitchhiker
  4. - Nomad
  5. - Thief
  6. - Rogue
  7. - Buccaneer
  8. - Samurai
  9. - Explorer
  10. - Voyager
  11. - Intergalactic Traveler

Campaign adventure[]

There is no campaign adventure for Wanderers. This is likely because only a player's save game empire can have the Wanderer archetype.

Captain Accessories[]

Like Knights, Wanderers do not have accessories. It is unknown why, but probably for the same reason as that of why Computer Empires in the game are not Wanderers. However, they can unlock any of other Archetypes' Adventures.


The Wanderer's voice is exactly the same voice that is heard when one contacts their home world. This is because the Wanderer philosophy can only be earned by the player, you will only encounter a Wanderer on one of your own saved game planets, and they obviously will speak the home world language.

It also may be possible that wanderers have been inspired in humans, as a reflection of the different cultures that inhabit the Earth. This philosophy is based on order, so wanderers are democratic and have a constitution, like diplomats; but in a less bureaucratic way, since no "Grand Council" is ever mentioned. Wanderers' speech is human voice, even male and female voices being clearly distinguishable.

In other languages, such as Spanish, their name can be translated to English as "visitor", rather than "wanderer". In Polish they're known as "Discoverers".


  • The background of Wanderers' is the same as the one from Military nations of Civilization Stage.
  • Number 3 of the Captain's ranks could be a reference to Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.
  • Wanderers may be a representation of humanity, due to their voice and having no official philosophy.
  • Wanderers might also be a reference of humanity and the Federation of Star Trek; depicted as a futuristic, united multicultural society willing to explore the universe to discover new worlds, lifeforms and civilizations.
  • Yet another alternative is that the Wanderers have the name they do to emulate them having arrived from another galaxy, as an explanation of sorts for their turning up out of nowhere and literal lack of a past.
  • The Wanderer's unique consequence ability: "Species Shuffler" was removed from normal play as the developers felt that players should not be rewarded for barely playing the game. The ability still exists in the game's code.
    • This is debated, however, as the ability only has aesthetic value and requires that the player play through to the space stage normally from the cell stage before the space stage is available for quick-play and by extension, the Wanderer archetype is available, bar the use of cheats. If you have Galactic Adventures, however, you can start in the Space Stage right away and skip the other four Stages entirely, which negates the previous point.