In the Adventure Creator, you can add visual effects to your adventure. They have no actual effect on gameplay. Effects can be modified using arrows to change their size; where relevant, visual effects will also come with their own sound effects, and these can sometimes also be modified.

List of Visual Effects Edit

Light Effects Edit

These effects depict various lights.

  • Arrow: A glowing white arrow.
  • City Lights: Lit skyscraper windows.
  • Disco Ball: A spinning disco ball.
  • Disco Floor: A multi-coloured disco floor.
  • Holiday Blue/Green/Purple/Red/White/Yellow Lights: Rows of Christmas lights in various colours.
  • Light Blue: Floating blue lights.
  • Light Gooofy: A small yellow light with an orange light flying around it.
  • Light Red: A bright red light.
  • Light White: A bright white light.
  • Light Yellow: A small yellow light with a dim yellow halo around it.
  • Marquee:
  • Rainbow Row:A row of multicolour square lights, probably from the disco floor effect.
  • Running Lights:
  • Runway Lights:
  • Searchlight: Four moving white searchlights shining skywards.
  • Spotlight Blue/Green/Pink/Purple/White/Yellow: Spotlights of various colours shining skywards.
  • Spotlight Lone: A single white spotlight shining onto the floor.

Nature Effects Edit

These effects depict natural phenomena.

  • Ash Storm: A cloud of ash.
  • Aurora Sporealis: A light resembling the Aurora Borealis and the Aurora Australis.
  • Bees: A swarm of bees.
  • Butterflies: A swarm of butterflies.
  • Cloud Lightning: A lightning-filled stormcloud.
  • Cloud Magic: A bright, purple, sparkling cloud.
  • Cloud Poison: A dim, green, cloud of pollution.
  • Dappled Sunlight: Sparse beams of sunlight.
  • Dustdevils: Small, desert whirlwinds.
  • Fire Blaze: Short, wide flames.
  • Fire Camp: A tall, thin flame.
  • Fireflies: A swarm of fireflies (shown as small glowing dots).
  • Flies: A swarm of flies.
  • Fog Evil: Fog in the style of "Cloud Poison".
  • Fog Magic: Fog in the style of "Cloud Magic".
  • Fog White: Plain white fog.
  • Jumping Fish: Fish jumping out of water.
  • Lighting Strikes: Lightning repeatedly striking the ground.
  • Pond: A small, circular pond.
  • Rain Cloud: A cloud dripping with rain.
  • Rainbow: A bright rainbow with clouds at each end.
  • Rainfall: Raindrops falling through the sky.
  • Rainfall Splash: Raindrops splashing on the ground.
  • Snowfall: Snow falling to the ground.
  • Snowflurry: Snow being carried through the air by gusts of wind.
  • Spiderwebs: A large, empty spider web.
  • Spout Water: A spout of water emerging from the ground (or elsewhere).
  • Spout Fire: A spout of fire emerging from the ground (or elsewhere). Not that, probably due to a mistake by the game developers, this Effect has no visible handle so it can be difficult to locate precisely.
  • Sunbeams: Dense beams of sunlight.
  • Toronado: A tornado.
  • Waterfall: A fast-flowing stream of water.
  • Will'o'wisps: Hazy balls of light.

Sci-Fi Effects Edit

Galaxy Effect


These effects include holograms, battles, astronomical phenomena, smoke, and electrical effects.

  • Atom: A green hologram of an atom.
  • Barbed Fence: A hastily-constructed fence of barbed wire.
  • Barbed Wire: Coils of barbed wire.
  • Black Hole: A black hole.
  • Broken Machinery: Electric sparks.
  • Celestial Portal: A swirling blue-white portal.
  • Chainlink Fence: A metal fence.Usefull if you put it by an invisible gate, then you can't go through it.
  • DNA: A green hologram of a DNA molecule.
  • Dying Embers: A cloud of smoke and ash.
  • Electrical Link: Two glowing points connected by electricity.
  • Evil Portal: A swirling purple-black portal.
  • Fire Link: Two glowing points connected by fire.
  • Galaxy: An image of a rotating galaxy surrounded by stars.
  • Laser Battle: Blue and red blaster bolts flying in from opposite ends of a battlefield.
  • Machine Gun Fire: Bullets being fired from a gun.
  • Machine Gun Impact: Bullets hitting a surface.
  • Magic Link: Two glowing points connected by magic (similar to the effect of a Level 1 Plasma Pulser)
  • Nuclear Fallout: The same effect as "Dying Embers", only with the "pollution"-style effect of "Cloud Poison".
  • Oracle: A glowing, nebula-like cloud.
  • Planet: A green hologram of a planet.
  • Polluted Pond: A glowing green pond.
  • Pollution Link: Two glowing points connected by a thin "Cloud Poison"-like cloud.
  • Smoke Black/Blue/Green/Pink/Purple/Red/White/Yellow: Upwards-drifting smoke of various colours. Also looks like spice.
  • Static Storm: A sphere of crackling electricity.

Whimsical Effects Edit

Other effects, such as those that could be used in a party or celebration scene.

  • Balloons: A bunch of helium balloons.
  • Bubble Bomb: A "Oneshot" Effect; an explosion releasing bubbles.
  • Bubbles: A stream of bubbles.
  • Column 'o Love: A column of pink light filled with sparkles and love-hearts.
  • Crowd: A cheering crowd, containing various aliens.
  • Drapery Black/Red/White: Sheets of cloth in various colours.
  • Fireworks Continuos: A continuous display of fireworks.
  • Garlands: Strings of flowers and leaves on vines.
  • Glitter Cannon: Bursts of multicoloured sparkles.
  • Glitter Sphere: Twinkling sparkles arranged in a sphere.
  • Halo: A glowing halo of light.
  • Kites: A group of kites flying in the sky.
  • Love Bomb: A "Oneshot" Effect; an explosion releasing love-hearts.Strangely it is not listed as a "One Shot" effect.
  • Magic Column: A glowing columm of light, using a colour scheme similar to the "Magic Link" and "Oracle" Effects, with sparkles spiraling up the exterior of the column.
  • Streamers: Long, narrow, multicoloured strips being released into the air.
  • Stained Glass One/Two/Three/Four: Stained-glass windows. Stained Glass One is a PlumbBob, Two and Three have floral designs, and Four seems to be have more gemoetrical theme featuring an eye-like design in the middle.
  • Pixies: Balls of light with glowing trails, flying around like insects.
  • Vines: Strings of leaf-covered vines.

Oneshot Effects Edit

Effects that only happen once, such as explosions and fireworks.

  • Cluster Bomb Once: Several explosions in a ring, followed by a larger blast in the centre.
  • Fireworks Burst Once: A large group of fireworks fired into the sky.
  • Fireworks Fan Once: Multicoloured sparkles spinning around a central point.
  • Fireworks Floral Once: Fireworks (looking like the "Streamers" Effect) that explode into flower-like shapes.
  • Fireworks Happy Once: A firework that explodes in the shape of a smiley face. Also used in Space Stage when you respawn after dying.
  • Fireworks Pixie Once: Fireworks that fly into the sky and fizzle out, but leave behind a trail of glowing sparkles.
  • Fireworks Wheel Once: A firework that explodes into the shape of a spinning wheel of sparkles.
  • Lightning Once: A single bolt of lightning.
  • Mushroom Cloud Once: A mushroom cloud from a nuclear explosion.
  • Poof Black: A blast of black dust.
  • Poof White: A blast of white dust.
  • Shrapnel Bomb Once: A small, shrapnel-throwing blast.
  • Water Blast Once: A large volume of water hitting something at high speed.