Tips and Tricks[]

  • This is easiest to do when playing as a Tribe of Carnivores (It is also easy when playing as an Omnivore).
  • Build tools and make children whenever possible.
  • Have food leftover before you go to battle so that if your tribe members are killed, you still enough food for new babies for another raid. Also, try sending a Tribal Member or two to steal food after the defending tribe's fate is sealed.
  • Have at least 2 active fishermen for a good food source and defense.
  • Try sending your Chieftain in, using Fire Bombs, and then sending your other Tribe Members into the battle.
  • Later in the game, when you have a lot of food, send the whole tribe over with stone axes and/or spears and kill all the rival members, then have the chieftain stay behind to eliminate children and the re-spawned chieftain while the rest of the people switch to torches to raze the village.