Vex the Chrono Shifter

Images of Vex. In the right image, Vex is seen using the 'Dimensional Rift' variant ability.

Vex had become an unstoppable teleportational warrior.

Vex the Chrono Shifter is a Quantum Ravager from Zelem's Nexus. He used to be Zelem's prime test subject in his lab, and after testing out a nearly-lethal mutation experiment, Vex was not only left with the ability to teleport at will and manipulate localized time, but also gained his trademark neon blue glowing colors, a strange side-effect of the experiment. He departed from working with Zelem after his disappearance to fight the Darkspore within the Crogenitor Insurgency.

He shares his Genesis type and Hero classification with Maldri.


Vex was the second Living Weapon in Darkspore to be revealed. He was first seen on Darkspore.com, and also in the first Darkspore gameplay video. He was very popular among fans until Blitz stole his thunder and replaced him as the most popular hero among Darkspore forumers.

Vex, as seen in the Squads and Abilities trailer.


Hailing from Zelem’s Nexus, Vex grew into his full teleportational strength because of Crogenitor Zelem himself.

As one of thousands of technicians assigned to maintain the Nexus teleportation network, Vex knew the grid completely. He did not know that constant exposure to the network’s quantum-gravitic, temporal and wormhole distortions were poisoning him. Nor did he or Zelem know that those quantum-gravitic energies were mutagenically unlocking Vex’s latent ability: individual, self-directed teleportation.

When Vex first accidentally teleported from inside the Nexus out to the vacuum of space, he reacted instinctively, teleporting towards what he energetically sensed was the safest zone: Zelem’s enclave. Alarmed by the grotesque alien in front of him in a region he didn’t know existed, Vex immediately attempted teleporting away.

Quantum-jumping around the enclave again and again, Vex destroyed whatever he could to escape the strange alien he perceived as a captor. Growing more powerful with each ’port, Vex gained the power of temporal sabotage--the gravitic warping of time-flow. He slowed Zelem himself with that power, and would have destroyed him if not for Zelem’s wiser defenses.

’Porting away, Vex realized the strength at his command. When the Darkspore invaded soon after, he deployed his powers against them as what he’d become: an unstoppable, unpredictable teleportational warrior.


Abilities flux timeLapse.png

Time Lapse (Basic Ability - Physical Attack)

Multiplies attacks against enemies - a single impact yields spectacular damage.

Abilities flux temporalStrike.png

Temporal Strike (May be an AOE Energy attack)

Warps time around opponents, slowing their movement, healing, and weaponry.

Abilities flux chronoBlink.png

Chrono Blink (Squad Ability)

A teleportation attack that turns Vex into an unstoppable ambush-fighter.

Abilities flux hasteField.png

Haste Field (Innate Passive Ability)

Speeds the heal/reload response of Vex's allies and decreases their reaction time.

Time Bubble (Alpha Variant)

Creates a force field that causes anything that enters it to slow down in speed by 80%.

Dimensional Rift (Possibly Beta Variant - AOE Attack)

Banishes multiple enemies into another dimension, which makes them unable to move, attack, or be attacked, for a short time.

Shooting Star (Gamma Variant) -Launches an accelerating miniature asteroid that deals 70 physical damage plus additional damage based on its current speed.


  • Vex was the featured Hero in the new Darkspore Editor video, in which he has a slightly different appearance, and was outfitted with several new parts. In this video, instead of his 'Dimensional Rift' ability, there was an ability called 'Shooting Star'. It was revealed in Andromeda's Hero Spotlight video that all Gamma Variants have the Shooting Star ability, so that means that the Vex seen in this videe is Vex Gamma.

Seen in the Darkspore Editor video, instead of Vex's 'Dimensional Rift' ability, there is a ability called 'Shooting Star'. This is because this is Vex Gamma, Vex's third Variant.

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