Like the Earth, Venus can be found in the Space stage in the Sol system. When the player first visits it, they will find that Venus is a mix between a Lava planet and a Boiling planet. The terrain is Orange with red water (though in reality, there shouldn't be any water). Slight hills and oceans cover the surface. Venus has Yellow Spice, (but rarely purple), and a colony can be placed.


  • In real life, Venus has a very thick, pale yellow atmosphere. Since Venus isn't a gas giant, Maxis was forced to create a reddish planet with a dense atmosphere, which shows what the actual surface may look like.
  • When terraformed, the red oceans turn to blue, which dry up a little as the planet is further terraformed to T-3.
  • In Spore, Venus is represented as a lava planet with boiling water seas to simulate the real Venus's utterly inhospitable climate. Regardless, this is erroneous; in real life, any amount of water would vaporize nearly instantly, and replacing the water with lava would scarcely be more accurate. The most accurate representation of Venus would actually be an arid planet, as it is too hot to support liquid water but enough cold to prevent the surface to melt.
  • In real life the highest mountains on Venus are coated with an unknown ice like substance -- most likely tellurium -- as seen in radio pictures. This substance is absent in the Spore version of Venus.

Real landforms[]

  • Maxwell Montes

Venus at different T-levels[]