Venus is the second planet in the Sol System, which in Spore can be found as an easter egg. It is a boiling planet, with orange, level terrain and red oceans. The oceans turn blue when terraformed, which dry up a little as the planet is further terraformed to T3.


  • In reality, Venus has no significant bodies of liquid water on its surface, nor could it support them, so depicting as a boiling planet is completely inaccurate. This is because its surface temperature (464 ºC or 867 °F)[1] is much higher than the boiling point of water (306 ºC or 582 ºF)[2] at Venus's atmospheric pressure of 93 bars. Still, this is not warm enough to melt rock, so a lava planet would be no more accurate. Venus would be most realistically represented as an arid planet in Spore.
  • In reality, the highest mountains on Venus are coated with an unknown, ice-like substance —most likely tellurium— as seen in radio pictures.[3] This substance is absent in the game.

Venus at different T-scores[]