The Yurrus-class light carrier is a carrier in service to the Imperial Navy, which began production as an experimental Lizardian design dating back to the Second Galactic War in 0 BQF (2798). The class would later see service within the Legatus Finduilica and it's successor, the Legatus as well. In addition to its carrier role, the craft could also act as a mobile base or a cargo freighter.


Raptor Nest amongst its escorts

The Imperial Alliance and the Lizardian at the height of the Second Galactic War in 10 BNE (0 BQF) made an experimental design to carry large amounts of fighters or ground troops over long distances with relative ease. The first of the class, what was later to become Yurrus Home was abandoned and the design was eventually sold to the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus and adopted into service and produced on a larger scale since 15 NE to allow the larger Star Destroyers from patrol and guard duties along borders and planets to active combat against the New Cyrannian Republic and its allies.

The ICS Raptor Nest is a well known example and part of the (in)famous Raptor Squadron. Though produced on a larger scale, they are not frequently seen. The Legatus Finduilica desires to deploy the class within their navy as well. The Raptor Nest was destroyed in September 2820.

During the rise of the Legatus, the class recieved an upgrade and became an integral part of the Legatus Navy, often supporting task forces, part of occupation forces or acting as a defence for Legatus held planets. The class was sometimes also used to move large amounts of Legatus classified materials and vehicles to combat areas.


The Yurrus-class light carrier triangular structure made it similar to other dagger-shaped Imperial vessels. Unlike most Imperial star destroyers, the bridge was located at the frontal point and the hangars at the base. Though it was equipped with shielding technology, the vessel was not build for combat, but rather for support and couldn't hold on long against battle cruisers. As such it requires an escort of either the Arquitens- or Gozanti-classes. It size and design made it a perfect carrier, though was rather slow in maneuvering. Its massive lower shuttle bay could house over 50 starfighters.


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Yurrus-Class Light Carrier
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