The Yarchadia-class carrier is a carrier deployed by the Dinotopian Defence Navy and acts as their capital ships.



A Yarchadia-class with Star-class frigates in orbit of Eris

July 2820, the newly raised Dinotopian Republic declares its independence from the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus. Pledging to aid the Rambo Loyalist and its allied forces against the Empire they hastly deployed the secretly constructed Harakaze-class star destroyers to Bikasulam. However the Empire found out and Raptor Squadron destroys the entire star destroyer fleet.

The shipyards of Eris had one nearly finished experimental carrier readily availible and sold the design to the Dinotopian government. Named for the planet Yarchadia- the carrier was to become the capital ship of the Defence Navy. To make up on their promise, the DSS Yarchadia was dispatched to Ramar Shadda in September 2820 and played a role in driving the Empire off Ramar Shadda.


The carrier follows the traditional dagger wedged shape of Cyrannus vessels. The class was designed to assault contested systems, break hostile orbital blockades, and bring starfighters directly in battle.

It is equipped with strong shielding, 8 dual laser cannons and is able to fire photon torpedoes. It is has multiple enginges to increase speed and manouverability though remains rather sluggish. For protection is relies on Star-frigates.

Ships DeployedEdit

Due to its high costs to maintain and the personnel required to operate the vessel only five ships are deployed. All have the prefix "DSS", which stands for the Dinotopian Starship, all ships are named for planets within the Dinotopian Republic.

  • DSS Alethena Metru
  • DSS Eris
  • DSS Impaerusqiantia
  • DSS Umbrax
  • DSS Yarchadia

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