The Wells-class, together with the Typhon-Class are the only classes within Rambo Nation that are temporal ships. The Wells class is a secret weapon by Rambo Nation, used only in dire need.


A Wells-class in space

When the Rambo Founder returned to the Rambo Capital, leaving the Realms of the Gods for living once again within the Quadrant Galaxies, he confronted Empress Ramashe about creating a time ship, able to monitor and act at temporal events and paradoxes that often plague various areas within the Quadrants. As such, the Shipyards of Rowar were given permission to build this unique vessels and it was soon launched, discovering the Rambo Ancientia in Quadrant 21, preventing an Cognatus invasion of the Rambo Capital during the Intergalactic War and monitoring the arrival of a Congregation Destroyer from a time past.

Mostly the ship is remained hidden and out of sight and public knowledge and only used for covert missions and temporal events. Near the end of 03 AQF the ship was upgraded with Dark Gyronic reactors, making the ship faster and powerful then before with aid of the Taldar. All the Wells-class vessels were destroyed on 29-03-08 AQF during the unfolding events of the Fury of Galvarus upon the destruction of the Capital's moon. At the time of the disaster, all classes were stationed at the Shipyards of Rowar upon the moon's destruction. With no more Wells-class in service, the Typhon-Class remained the only class with time weapons and monitoring abilities in service of Rambo Nation.


The ship follows a blended arrowhead sort of shape with at the back it's engines and in the front it's command bridge. Equipped with a vast array of weapons, including phaser cannons, phasers, able to fire photon and quantem torpedoes as well as being able to fire vortex torpedoes, the class is a menace to dare to underestimate this small vessels.

It is equipped with a cloacking device as well at time monitoring equipment.

Notable ships[]

  • USS Paradox
  • USS Pastak
  • USS Polarity
  • USS Relativity
  • USS Wells


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