The Watcher Eye is an interceptor of the Void Eye Empire.

Due to its small size, many of them can fit into one Great Eye-ship, who can contain a maximum of 100 Watcher Eyes. Only one pilot pilots them, but it can fit 4 other crew members.

Every spaceship of the Void Eye Empire possesses a rotatable eye in the front, all the weapons are launched from the eye. Each one of the Watcher Eyes possesses a Condensed Matter generator and a Gravity Beam device.

Weapons Edit

Condensed Matter Ball: The Watcher Eye creates a ball of condensed matter, the longer it charges the more powerful the explosion is upon contact.

Small Gravity Beam: This weapon creates a beam that can rupture enemy ships by pushing parts of the ship away in all directions. It can also hold enemy ships in place if used in reverse.

Self-Destruct Device: The Watcher Eyes can use a Self-Destruct Device if they are harmed significantly, that works the same way as a smaller version of Glutonny of Nothingless, opening a small hole in reality that leads to the Abyss, consuming everything nearby along with the ship and the user.

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