Vyronicia Technobliterator-class Dreadnaught is a vehicle from Vyro'Narza origins and the most prominent cruiser of the Vyronicia Fleet. A multi-purpose cruiser, with highly powerful weaponry and defense, the Technobliterator can hold its own in a space battle with almost any opposing cruiser, while still take heavy punishment. It is also feared for its highly powerful spacetime bowel.



The Technobliterator, after the Vyronicia Flagship, was the second capital ship developed by the Taldar Empire. Like the Flagship, the Technobliterator was given the largest weapons at the time period. This was until the Taldar began meddling with five dimensional powers, and implemented the power of spacetime bowels. The Technobliterator, for a long time, was the pride and the face of the fleet.

The spacetime bowels were something that individual Vyro'Narza were capable of, but were very deadly in the hands of a mortal. This meant that the Technobliterators could be trusted with very few mortals, and so the Taldar would hide their existence.


Technobliterators are known to have been used by the Blyro'Tralzica during the Great Blyro War, though the full extent of their weaponry was rarely realised, and when it was, it was not used on other worlds. Aside from this, the Technobliterators are the most frequently sighted vessel when used by descendents of the Vyro'Narza.


The ship was passed down to the Unified Nation of Ottzello once they gained the Vyronicia Fleet and added it to their own. The Technobliterators were the most mass-produced of the Vyronicia Fleets' ships by far in large quantites due to their highly powerful weaponry and all-around use, and were known to win many battles and intimidate entire regions of space.



A huge, long 3D star probe with incredibly large blasters on the side (as well as hundreds of others, which are around 1 meter tall inside the hull), the ship is highly threatening. The ship is around 2.2 kilometres long, and its long shape allows its broadside weapons to be very effective while still very usable when attacking targets in front of it.


Technobliterators are found scattered throughout the fleet and are most numerous. Each ship normally operates alone, but moves with the fleet in a way that would not appear co-rdinated. They will adapt their behaviour situationally. Their hundreds of smaller cannons can target ships that get close, regardless of size. The current incarnations are mostly unmanned ships; their AI targeting systems are very advanced, and can aim correctly at over a thousand targets at once.


A very large ship, also coming in huge numbers. Compared to others, they aren't the hugest Vyronicia ship, but easily larger than most ships of the same rank and importance.

The ship can launch around 250 Vyronicia Starfighters at once and 100 Vyronicia Bombers. It carries around 1000 Starighters and 350 Bombers for this purpose. Like all Vyronicia ships, it uses non-spatial hyperdrives spacetime defects for faster-than-light travel when needed, and is incredibly fast even when not reaching these speeds.



The Technobliterator packs the firepower altogether equal to the energy of twelve sun-sized stars. Its missiles are capable of obliterating stars, with an extremely large area of effect, while its lasers can tear apart most shields. Most of its weapons are rapid fire spacetime beam attacks, which beam random defects such as cosmic strings to cause heavy damage equal to several times greater than a turbolaser, before the defect ends

Vortex are extremely destructive too, and a single missile is capable of damaging a planet as powerful as four standard atomic bombs could, using defects and rifts to deal damage. Needless to say, it would take very few of these to destroy most unprotected starships. Smaller missiles have similar effects.

Spacetime bowl

The spacetime bowel mapped out for use in the Quatumhorde Crisis

At the front of the ship, hidden away, is a spacetime manipulation weapon, the infamous spacetime bowel. This weapon in particular is a cannon so powerful its power is incomprehensible. Operating much like the normal mechanisms for creating Bosonic Condensates, involving evaporate cooling, due to the quantum effects, the target consumed will become one big super-"blob". They have consumed so much mass, they will collapse into enormous rifts and black holes inside, taking the target with it in what was such a huge devastating crush so rapidly that it can range from taking entire star systems to just a small cruiser, with few known escapes.


One of the more impressive aspects are its advanced spacetime defect shielding. This not only makes the attacks on the ship weaker, but slows down projectiles, lasers and missiles attacking it, often even preventing them from hitting it at all. This is very effective for attacks to the rear and to prevent bombers from reaching it, if they get close, the starfighters simply stop either threat.



  • You have three guesses as to what inspired the name, and the first two don't count.
  • The spacetime bowel idea came from Wormulon.
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