Vyronicia Starfighter, known as the Vyronicia 78-0X Starfighter model is a starship from Vyro'Narza origins, and a member of the Vyronicia Fleet. A nimble fighter, the Starfighter is capable in dogfights due to its rapid speeds and manouverability.



The original Taldar Empire designed the starfighters for use in their navy; as a large empire, they had powerful foes across the galaxy, and many would use smaller ships. The 78-0X model, designed to surpass the 78-0C model, received critical acclaim, beating other competitors on the market. The starfighter replaced all other models in the Taldar Empire's military, and was used until the point the Empire was dissolved.

When the Taldar Empire became the Vyro'Narza, they used their old ship designs purely as probes in the 3rd Dimension, for unknown reasons. Many Starfighters were found used in wars, rather than the Vyro'Narza themselves. This tradition was later stopped, however.


The Vyronicia Starfighter, like the rest of the fleet, was used by the Blyro'Tralzica throughout. As it did not have many competing ships, however, the Starfighter was mostly redundant and not frequently used during the Great Blyro War. No other uses of the ship have been reported.

UNO Repurposing[]

The Unified Nation of Ottzello had later repurposed the ship. The ships, like Vyro'Narza's ships, were simply part of the group mind (part of UNOS in UNO's case), and were in many cases unmanned, although manned editions of the Starfighter continued to see manufacturing attention. The Starfighters were considered the elite ships ahead of the UNO Fighter-Bombers.



Starfighters are very small, but pack several larger weapons. They are also round in appearance, which allows them to roll and manouver easily.


Starfighters operate in swarms, and are usually accompanying large starships, bombers and cruisers such as Star Destroyers. They are sent from the hangars of large Vyronicia star cruisers, such as flagships. When not accompanying ships to defend them, they are swarming enemy ships of a similar kind.


The Starfighter is capable of achieving rapid speeds, and in some cases, faster-than-light due to non-spatial hyperdrives. They are capable of excellent manouverability due to their ball shape, allowing them to roll when on ground and to move easily in space. Their weapons also make them strong.

Though ships are normally transported by larger ones, the Starfighters are capable of faster-than-light travel themselves, either through spacetime warps with its own weapons, non-spatial hyperdrives or other means (such as through Cold Relays in UNO).



The Starfighter fires beams caused by spacetime warps, which appear as lasers, but are in fact a distortion. These weapons, in the single, smallest blasts, cause twice the damage of a hyperlaser the same size, by acting as (minor) spacetime defects on the target. However, the more significant effects of the beams most often cause minor temporary phenomena, like slicing an enemy spaceship in half with a cosmic string before the defect created ends.

The missiles are vortex torpedoes, which are made containing different topological defects. In the case of these the defects can cause damage to thrice the extent of antimatter missiles of a few grams. In worse cases, they can cause minor black holes, as well as other weird effects, with reported cases including transforming starships into bananas.


With an efficient Chronoscopic shield and Gyronidium armour, it can be very agile while resisting a lot of damage. The ship creates multiple spacetime effects/defects, which can defend the ship from harm. This is another factor that makes it superb in dogfights.

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