Vyronicia Star Destroyer is a vehicle from Taldar origins, currently used by Unified Nation of Ottzello.


Taldar Empire[]

The most commonly accepted history of Star Destroyers (and what is known by writings) is that they were developed by the Taldar Empire, a the Vyronicia Technobliterators were powerful in terms of firepower, but weren't very tough, and up against some stronger threats, something larger and tougher was needed for use. It was also called Star Destroyer as it was designed to wreck havoc on enemy habitats. There are many theories that the Taldar were the first to develop the Star Destroyer design.


Many other theories are that the Vyro'Narza created the ship as an unmanned probe, like all Vyronicia ships were used as, simply as mortals can link the Star Destroyer design to many empires who use them, such as the United Republic of Cyrannus, Delpha Coalition of Planets and even the Grox Empire. However, others think that, likeother Vyronicia ships, they were developed by the Taldar Empire.


The ships were later passed on to the Unified Nation of Ottzello, making the ships their first in the Star Destroyer design.



A design which is now one of the most common in the world of military starships, the star Destroyer is the oldest of it's kind, and still regarded as one of the best. It is one of the hugest ships the Taldar have. A very huge ship, with millions of weapons.


In any large Vyronicia fleet, at least 4 will be present, and make their presence known by causing mass chaos, and with their enormous size. There will be only around 2 in typical fleets, however. The ships are fairly slow moving, but move ahead more than the other ships do. It also has hidden docks at the bottom which can launch around 100,000 starfighters and bombers.


One of the hugest probe, rivalled only by the flagships. Used not only as a fear weapon, but to take the enemy by force and extremely huge firepower. As a probe it is effective; any mortal could mistake the ship for one of another 3D race, not a 5D race like the Taldar. This is because ships of this shape a common.



Offensively, the ship is a power house, although the ratio of power to defence has more of a shift on defence than the Vyronicia Technobliterators. Their main offensive weapon is the cosmic string, which use cosmic strings to cause temporary and relatively small spacetime defects, which tear apart anything they come into contact with by intense gravitational distortions until they (the strings) decay. However, any more than a few kilometres in size and seconds in duration (or other units of your choice), and the amounts of Chronoscopic fired would not be sufficient to control them effectively.

Like all Taldar ships, it contains Dark Chronoscopic vortex-inducing missiles. Unlike other ships, these are kept under it's armour, and are only revealed when needed. It also has several Chronoscopic beam cannons used to fire at smaller ships approaching it, or at the larger ones.


The starship's shields, which use spacetime defects to defend itself, reverse anything that goes into it, thus, it deflects all projectiles and lasers back to its foe. Since the engine pumps major amounts of Chronoscopic, it would take an extremely large fleet of around 20 million starships (or another powerful energy) to defeat it. the ships of the Star Destroyer are possibly the best, besides from the Flagship.



  • The Vyronicia Star Destroyers were created as a response to the trend of Star Destroyers
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