Vyronicia Interceptor, also known as Vyronicia 21-B3 model Interceptor, is a starship from Taldar origins, currently used by Unified Nation of Ottzello. It uses the energies of Chronoscopic.


Taldar Empire[]

The Interceptor ships were developed by the old Taldar Empire. The idea of the Interceptors were originally as fast ships, but later primitive cloaking was developed. When the Taldar Empire became more powerful and adept at spacetime technology, cloaking was done by warp shields.


The Vyro'Narza had much use for cloaked ships (which became unmanned probes) in the 3rd Dimension initially, as it kept their profile to a complete low when they wanted it to, and useful in battles when Vyro'Narza weren't allowed to use their full potential. Later, the Vyro'Narza lost use when they stopped interacting with mortals (as the Xhodocto was gone there was less need to, and they could use their 3D avatars to a greater effect than these probe ships).


The Unified Nation of Ottzello were given these unmanned ships, which they implemented into their group mind system to great effect.



Sharing design similarities to both the Starfighter and the Bomber, it is small for manoeuvrability and speed, and has 3 long wings, giving it great speed and a menacing appearance, and also containing weapons. They are also 25 metres long and 10 metres tall.


Interceptors are fast ships that often work alone, rather than in large groups like Starfighters and Bombers operate. Interceptors function in groups of around 7. The location of them in the fleet is unknown, it is asssumed that they are deployed from larger ships, but there is no confirmation.


Interceptors are capable of using warp shields. Warp shields have a variety of different configurations, most commonly, they can either allow passage through the shield in one direction but not in the other (in which case they are also known as "nightshades", because light emitted from the structure cloaked by the shield can be seen, but light cannot be reflected back, giving it a shadowy appearence from all directions with only illumination visible), or they can simply prevent any travel through the shield whatsoever. This allows them to be used as either a direct defence, a cloaking device, or both simultaneously.



Extremely fast and deadly. Vyronicia Interceptors are made for on thing and one thing only- tearing enemies apart with blasters, then sneaking back into the shadows. It contains two missiles on its side, 3 Chronoscopic beam wepons in its wings, a larger cannon and two other weapons. Interceptors can easily outrun and outmatch any foe in a dogfight; it's speedy missiles and lasers make other foes struggle immensely to survive.


In addition to a Chronoscopic/warp shield, it can hide itself from time using Chronoscopic cloakers.



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