Vyronicia Flagship is a vehicle from Taldar origins, currently used by Unified Nation of Ottzello.


Taldar EmpireEdit





The largest probe in Taldar probe fleet, and also the most impressive. The probe also contains thousands of weapons, some are small and some are hidden. The huge globe at the top is the command centre.


One will be present in any fleet, either at the back or front. It is very clear, due to it's size.


Leader of Taldar probe fleets, the enormous Flagship cruisers pack huge amounts of firepower. From here, the leader of a fleet can give orders to the others. This leader will plug themselves into the ship itself, to send the commands. These probes are, like other Taldar probes, commanded remotely. It is also the strongest probe in each fleet.



Packing the firepower of 3 supernovas and aided by both Chronoscopic and Dark Chronoscopic, the flagship is the most terrifying starship in the Taldar fleet. It contaisn many killer weapons, such as huge cannons and large missiles which can be revealed from the interior. Not all of these are known, mainly as few have lived to see them, and those that have are unable to communicate with. The laser and plasma cannons are capable of destroying star ships with seconds, with a hugely rapid fire.

Like most Taldar missiles, it uses Dark Chronoscopic enhancements, making it far more destructive. It could destroy a huge starship or space station in one hit, as well as causing huge damage to those within it's area of effect. It is also good for orbital bombardment; it can cause huge planetary damage and possibly destroy the entire planet.

One particularly deadly weapon is the Ender. By using the Chronoscopic of all the crew and from the Reactor, it can use one of Chronoscopic's greatest abilities- removing something out of time without editing the timeline. This huge weapon can end an entire universe, but is rarely used, and only 3 uses to end a universe have been recorded (one of which was for a war, and that was to contain a biological threat; it was not for Taldar purposes). The weapon takes ages to recharge, so isn't used very commonly. It is on of several methods to end an entire dimension.

Furthermore, it is one of the large starships which spawn starfighters and bombers to defeat enemy space craft. It contains a small factory which creates them, adn teleporters can spawn emergency crew members from somewhere if needed.


With a huge Chronoscopic shield that embarrasses the other ship and thick Gyronidium plating, the ship is almost invincible. While it is true that thy have been defeated, it is very rare to do so. The best way is to use a super powerful dark energy like Demonic Energy, Chaos Energy etc., but with enormous amounts of firepower and very lucky critical hits it could possibly be destroyed. However, the defences of flagships are almost impenetrable. it should also be mentioned that with a very large amount of weapons, they could protect the ship very well.



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