Vyronicia Drones are Taldar-created worker robots, which work in the Unified Nation of Ottzello.



The Drone was one of the vehicles developed based on Taldar designs first in the Taldar Empire, and then as 5 dimensional Vyro'Narza, even though they had no need for it as 5D beings. The Vyro'Narza showed the Chronoscopic design of the Drone, as well as implied that magnetic drives would be best for the vehicle's travel.


When UNO became a collective group mind consciousness, the Drone was merged fully with UNOS. In the consciousness, it was decided it'd be treated the same as a civillian, but without autonomy or self-conscious.



The Drone is a low, long metal robot with Chronoscopic cannisters around it, equipped with two engines at its rear, and part of a magnetic drive at its belly. It has a pair of arms for quantum replicators, lasers and vibroblades on the sides and working devices mounted on its front and top.


UNO Drones perform the following processes:

  • Construction
  • Cleaning
  • Upgrading
  • Hologram
  • Resource gathering
  • Goods transporting

and possibly more which are unknown.


Drones hover across the surface at a fast pace, controllably using a magnetic drive to reverse gravity and achieve fast speeds, on ground, in air and in space. They can make this work however they wish, in case different heights are required.

The drone uses Chronoscopic to warp space time, so piecing together materials by warping it through space time to come together on the other side as a building. So essentially, they put the metal together like pieces of a jigsaw, almost as if projecting it with a hologram. They also use quantum replicators, to turn a material into any material they wish. Often asteroids are taken, and quantum replicators turn them into incredible amounts of any desired metal.



The drone is outfitted with vibroblades and lasers for combat, which it uses if needed.


Evading drones is difficult due to their speeds. However, destroying them from far off distances is the best way to avoid being attacked by them.


Drones are rarely used in combat situations. It is often used as a last resort, however, if only to add to UNO's forces, or if the drone is alone and needs to attack (often, drones are used for scouts in battles).



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