Vyronicia Deathship is a vehicle from Taldar origins, currently used by Unified Nation of Ottzello. It utilizes the powers of Chronoscopic.


Taldar EmpireEdit

Originally developed by the Taldar Empire as a fast/stealth vehicle, the Deathship was called so for its use as an assassination vehicle. However, when Interceptors became more powerful, and greater, at the job, Deathships became more used for their speed, and slickness in combat, something the Taldar Empire generally lacked.


The Vyro'Narza used this vehicle as well, as an unmanned probe ship in the 3rd Dimension. It was used mostly against the Vyro'Ralza, whose ships were tough to deal with as they would negate the Taldar's own speeding up of time.


Eventually, the ship was passed on to the Unified Nation of Ottzello.



Larger than small ships like the Starfighter, but still small in comparison to ships such as Technobliterator cruisers. It is long, pointed, and deadly- it's appearance signifies the power of this ship. The ships are around 2,000 metres long, and 50 metres tall.


Vyronicia Deathships are ships tat travel at extremely high speeds, destroying larger ships by travelling straight through them. It does contain lasers, but these aren't as good as it's main attack. As with all Taldar 3D probes, it poses as a starship, and it is unknown what the probes are used for.

Found accompanied by fighters, and among most larger ships. Coming in numbers of about 3,000 in most fleets, but can operate in smaller numbers of 3 or 7, usually on raids.


Vyronicia Deathships are incredibly fast, and very powerful for it's size. It travels by defecting spacetime around it, and causing rift tunnels (essentially like wormholes) in spacetime which it travels to, to get from one destination to the other. This is done both in interstellar travel and in combat. It is a formidable ship, and one of the highlights of the Vyronicia lineup.



Usually come in the form of extremely powerful beams. The weapon uses beams of Chronoscopic to cause a fast expansion and retraction in spacetime at the target, resulting in the atoms in materials becoming disfigured, and all chemical bonds would be destroyed. The larger the beam, the greater the damage (as it covers a larger area), although any size of weapon can cause this effect. The weapon can destroy a large part of an enemy ship this way, and in the right area, this can cause be devastating.

It is unknown if these ships use missiles, this is very likely considering most/al other Taldar ships contain some.

Its secondary attack is it's ability to charge straight through larger enemy ships, causing huge damage. It's edges, which can contain spacetime defects, make it even better at cutting through, although its travel alone (which is done through various spacetime defects) can cut through almost any ship.


In addition to common Vyronicia-Chronoscopic shielding - which uses spacetime defects - the Deathship has more advanced defects, which make the ship capable of cutting literally any third dimension material.



  • Was created by R17RFunny, (as were these images) but fiction is by Technobliterator. R17's creation explains why the ships the Deathship is destroying are Xarik-Radux ships, a race R17RFunny was planning to introduce.


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