Deathbringers are a Vyro'Ralza 3D probe starship that is a member of the Vyronicia Fleet. Created as a stealth vessel, the Deathbringer is notable for its speed and manouvereability despite its size, and its ability to cloak itself from space and time in addition to causing anomalies.



It is believed that the Vyronicia Deathbringer was created by the Taldar Empire for use in assassination missions. Created as a time-travelling killer, the Deathbringer was designed allegedly to travel to the past and exterminate its foes, while covering its tracks by being undetectable. Other records also imply the Deathbringer was banned and only used illegally.

Heavily modified by the Traffphyds, the Vyro'Ralza recreated the ship as a 3D probe, though those affiliated with the Vyro'Narza would use it to add to the Vyronicia Fleet, a fleet that would be used by three dimensional descendants.

Early usageEdit

The only known usage of the Deathbringer earlier in the universe' history dates back to the Blyro'Tralzorca. It is known that the Tralzorca used the ships to decimate worlds while operating from the shadows, and no rival ships aside from those of the Blyro'Tralzica could match reveal them, giving the Tralzorca a strong edge. Aside from this, no usage of the ships has been reported by many. The Deathbringer is the only vessel in the Vyronicia Fleet not used by the Blyro'Tralzica.

UNO RepurposingEdit

When the Unified Nation of Ottzello repurposed the Vyronicia Fleet, the Deathbringer was included last. It fulfilled UNO's role of a stealthy but larger vessel, and being hidden from space and time itself made it invaluable. The Deathbringers would mostly accompany the Vyronicia Fleet.



The ship has a phantasmal look to it, and dark purple-black appearance, the colors of the Vyro'Ralza. It differs heavily in design to the rest of the Vyronicia Fleet, with its much more curved architecture, and round edges.


Deathbringers are either found accompanying the Vyronicia Fleet or another Vyro'Ralza-affiliated organisation. When serving the latter, they are rarely found in groups, often limited to only four at once. With the former, there is no distinct pattern other than that the Deathbringers are often found hidden alongside the Vyronicia Fleet.

Traffphyd ships, using Dark Chronoscopics to distort spacetime's fabrics and cause time anomalies, can pop in and out literally anywhere, making their movement incredibly difficult to track or predict. The only pattern noticed is that the ships tend to go for more important targets when choosing who to strike.


The Deathrbigner is capable of rapid speeds above almost any rival ship of its size. It can also make use of its main cannon, the Deathbringer Omega Weapon, to destroy targets from afar. The ship is not completely incapable of combat with other ships in a traditional sense, but tends to avoid it.

By distorting spacetime and causing illusions, the ship can cloak itself from spacetime at all, and from any dimensional perception. This means that the Deathbringers are completely invisible while still having powerful weaponry, impossible to be revealed by conventional means.



The Deathbringer's weapons are usually typical of the Vyronicia Fleet, and its main cannon is the Omega Weapon, made with similar technology.

Deathbringer Omega Weapon is a weapon that can manipulate from afar to destroy planets/stars without firing a beam. They use vortex induction to come into contact with the hypermatter and real matter in spacetime on the other end - the target - which leads to traumatic effects. These include, but are not limited to, natural disasters, catastrophic events from the area's past reoccuring, or events from the future destruction of nearby matter to occur now. This could cause comets and asteroids or mere planetary effects to arrive out of the blue.


The Deathbringer may have tough armor and shielding like most in the Vyronicia Fleet, and is made of Gyronidium, but is weaker than most ships of its size. When caught, the Deathbringer is typically not capable of withstanding much firepower, as it relies more on its ability to be unseen. It has weaker shielding and slightly weaker armor than others of its size in the fleet.



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