Vyronicia Bombers, or Vyronicia Bomber 53-LZ model, is a starship from Vyro'Narza origins, and a member of the Vyronicia Fleet. Using highly damaging explosives with warping spacetime effects that can pierce through armor and have catastrophic effects, the Bombers are not only fast, but deadly.



The Taldar Empire designed the first Bombers later than Starfighters, when it was decided that Starfighters alone couldn't take on larger battleships, and they needed a smaller ship dedicated to destruction of larger starships. After Taldar technology improved, the Bombers were given spacetime rift effects that could obliterate foes. Model 53-LZ was the final one reached before they became the Vyro'Narza Taldar.

When the Vyro'Narza were created, they continued to use the model 53-LZ as probes of 3D space, and introduced them to the Vyronicia Fleet. This would be used as 3D probes, or as ships that their descendents could take on as their own.


Bombers have seen no real reported usage in the universe. Although it is known that Bombers were used by other users of the Vyronicia Fleet in other universes, it is not believed that any Bombers have been used within this universe, as only the Blyro'Tralzica had access to the fleet.


Later, the Unified Nation of Ottzello began to implement the Bombers into the group mind. Mostly unmanned, Bombers were the elite smaller destructive force that could annihilate larger ships.



Very similar in appearance to the Starfighter, the Bomber is small, giving it great manoeuvrability, and packed with explosives. It has six wings and lots of weapons, with the most notable weapons being the five missiles attached to the top of the vehicle. Its needle-looking weapon at the front amplifies the effect of the rifts the bombs create, and there are multiple missiles used in barrages.


Bombers will always aim for the larger targets and their weak points, and avoid dogfights whenever possible. They will often throw several missiles at one ship to cause a spacetime rift, and these rifts will combine to a large one, which the needle-looking weapon at the front amplifies. This makes bombing a long but deadly process. However, they sometimes use smaller missiles if larger rifts are not their aim, and will simply drop them on foes. Never found on their own, they are always found accompanied by Starfighters. They spawn from large ships, usually flagships (which also have small factories to create them).


Small, fast and zippy, Vyronicia Bombers are very efficient at hit huge targets, such as star cruisers, or ground targets, and quickly escaping. The vortexes the ships create can cause many various spacetime anomalies, which the needle weapon at the front amplifies. Bombers, like all Vyronicia ships, have non-spatial hyperdrives, allowing them to reach faster-than-light speeds without needing to be carried.



The Bombers' spacetime rift missiles cause vortexes, leading to rifts and anomalies. Anomalies include asteroids and other astronomical bodies appearing and wrecking havoc on enemy fleets, while the rifts can cause effects such as small black holes, weaponized warp shields (which form impenetrable barriers that can cause massive damage to anything they hit) and gravitational destabilizers, which can cause ships to crash on planets, and to shake massively and for their shields to be weakened. These effects, when used on the weak points of larger ships and bombing worlds, can be catastrophic.

When in a dogfight, however, its weapons comparatively weak. While it is fast and can outmanoeuvre most enemy fighters, it is usually inefficient.


With Chronoscopic shields and Gyronidium it is still quite tough, but is still not very good in terms of defence, compared to other ships with a similar purpose. Most of its power is towards its speed and weaponry, and therefore, bombers are easy targets and can be destroyed if hit badly enough.

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