Vyronicia Annihilator is a vehicle from Taldar origins, currently used by Unified Nation of Ottzello.


Taldar EmpireEdit

The Annihilator was one of the last ships produced by the Taldar Empire, as a heavy weapons ship. It was given monopole technology in the late stages of its development; there have only even been one model of the Annihilators, and no more. The ship become popular due to its powerful and unique main weapon.


The Vyro'Narza used the ship as an unmanned probe (probing 3D space), and in wars such as the War of the Ancients, the Annihilator was incredibly useful for the Vyro'Narza, as they weren't allowed to use their full 5D power.


Later, the sip was passed on to the Unified Nation of Ottzello.



The design is quite different to other Taldar ships. The propulsion unit is very different, as is the bridge. This is because it is a smaller ship to the others. The ships are 8,000 metres long, and 1,000 metres wide.


Taldar Annihilators will always concentrate their fire by default on the largest target. The ships move fairly slowly (although, due to spacetime defects, all Vyronicia ships generally move fast, this is in comparison to how fast a ship of that size would normally be travelling), and fire single bursts of weapons ever now and then.

They are nearly always found accompanying larger ships. They also operate in groups, against large targets. Here is a ratio of numbers of ships:

  • 1:4 - Technobliterator:Annihilator
  • 1:16 - Flagship:Annihilator


Taldar Annihilators are an accompaniment to larger ships, such as the Technobliterator class. Larger in number, they have extremely powerful firepower, but are inferior to larger ships at defence. They also lack ability to contain fighters, and like other ships, use spacetime defects to travel.



The ship's main weapon is its monopole cannon; a weapon that fires monopoles, which are particles with only one magnetic pole (i.e. only north, or only south). These spacetime controlled weapons catalyse the decay of protons, which easily triggers nuclear fusion in plasma. When several are used they can cause a chain reaction of particles all hit by the defected monopole particle, thus with the ability to destroy a star, however this often takes multiple monopoles; normally an ordinary burst would simply cause large damage in a ship and get through any shielding.

The ship also contains a few hidden missiles.


The ship does contain a Chronoscopic shield (which causes spacetime defects to protect itself), however, this shield is less potent than other Taldar ship shields. While other ships are equally good at defence and weaponry, this ship is more concentrated on weaponry than defence.


  • Created by Xhodocto3546, fiction by Technobliterator
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