The United Star Ship Excelsior, better known as the USS Excelsior, or simply the Excelsior is an Excelsior-Class heavy battle cruiser/long range exploration ship in service of the Rambo Nation Space Fleet. The ship came into service in past times, in 2364 (434 BQF} during the Second Trogg War, marking the vessel as one of the oldest still in service within the fleet with an illustrious service career. Over the course of years, the ship has been frequently updated and refit to match the most modern standards. Her current commander, the Chinawkya captain Chianwe Apanoida took command of the vessel in 06 AQF, during the Quadrantia Disorder, the third year of the notorious Dark Times.

The USS Excelsior is a well known sight, often welcomed or feared by its adversaries as only the best and brightest are given command of this long time serving, faithful and powerful vessel.

Service History[]

Construction History 2356 - 2364[]

USS Excelsior (original design)

After the devastating First Trogg War in 2356 (442 BQF), Rambo Nation was crippled after relentless attacks by the Trogg forces, their fleet unable to match the strenght and numbers of the Trogg lost colony after colony. With the launch of the Constitution-Class the Trogg advance came to a halt. But Rambo Command realised that their navy needed a heavier battle cruiser as well and tasked the Shipyards of Rowar to design an even more advanced ship than the reliable Constitution-Class, but could also be deployed in peace-time as an exploration vessel.

The shipyards needed eight years to create their prototype, as the Trogg Cold War (442 BQF - 434 BQF/2356 - 2364) allowed it without attacks at the capital region, the first Excelsior-Class, the USS Excelsior was launched into service in 2364 (434 BQF), upon the outbreak of the Second Trogg War.

Early Service (2364 - 2804/434 BQF - 06 AQF)[]

Excelsior during the 2nd Trogg War

After the 8-year Cold War, and with the launch of the USS Excelsior under command of captain Ramkari, Rambo Nation decided to deal with the Trogg threat once and for all and invaded their space. Taken by surprise, and with aid of their allies the Trogg forces were overrun and started to retreat to their capital planets. During the initial stages of the war a Trogg fleet managed to bombard a part of the Rambo Capital but the timely arrival of the USS Excelsior prevented a major disaster. Two years into the war, Rambo Nation and their allies were able to breach the final defenses of the Trogg capital system and laid siege to their capital planet. With the USS Excelsior on the front lines, it took another 6 months before the Trogg were defeated. Unknown at that time, captain Ramkari allowed the Quadrantia Heer Stekeveel, allies of the Rambo at that time to buy the Trogg slaves before the Rambo forces abandoned the sector entirely.

The Excelsior remained under command of captain Ramkari well into the Golden Age 2369 - 2488 (429 BQF - 310 BQF) where the fleet of Rambo Nation was joined with her sister ships of the Excelsior-line. After the Golden Age, relations with the Quadrantia Heer Stekeveel deteriorated, resulting in the outbreak of the First Heer Stekeveel War in 2520 (278 BQF). Once again at the frontlines instead of exploring space, the Excelsior remained away from home until 2536 (262 BQF), where the Excelsior led a task force that managed to destroy a Heer Stekeveel fleet, ensuring peace for a few years. During the battle the Excelsior was badly damaged and captain Ramkari died during the attack. The Excelsior needed to be tugged back to the nearest starbase for repairs.

After the repairs, the Excelsior remained in service under a differant and unspecified number of captain, often kept within the Inner and Mid-colonial sector the ship was often uses by ambassadors to transport them to one place to another. In 2537 (263 BQF) lieutenant Ramcard joined the crew of the Excelsior, eventually reaching the rank of commander until he was re-assigned and promoted to captain in 2578 (220 BQF), forcing him to leave the Excelsior and taking command of another Excelsior-Class, the USS Dallas. Afterwards, the Excelsior was placed into a drydock and didn't come out of it for a very long time, often used as a training ship until its refit and upgrade in 2804 (06 AQF).

Under Chianwe Apanoida[]

Apanoida and Apollo at the bridge of the Excelsior

During the ninth month of 2804 (06 AQF), the Chinawkya female Chianwe Apanoida recieved command of the newly refit and upgraded USS Excelsior. After Rambo Nation fell under the "protectrate" of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, officers within Rambo Command believed an old sign of hope had to be relaunched into service after they were forced to sign the Nim-Glaré Concordat. Apanoida's maiden voyage was to escort Proconsul Apollo of the New Cyrannian Republic and to aid him in any means necessary, at orders of empress Ramashe herself.

Surrounded by Kingdom vessels

Her maiden voyage led them to have a diplomatic meeting with the Hutter, when Kingdom vessels decloaked Apanoida ordered to raise red alert, but was belayed by Apollo, something the newfound captain wasn't really fond of. After a succesful meeting, she escorted Apollo to the planet Concord before resuming her duties. Since then the Excelsior visited planet like Rambo Prime where the Excelsior rendevouzed with the USS Enterprise-A under command of captain James Rambo. After a short tour, some Serindia Wine in the personal quarters of captain Apanoida and some seducing, both captains undressed each other and courted, "inaugurating" the Excelsior in a special way.

Battle of Angforst

Afterwards the Excelsior was tasked by fleet captain Trabl'krgte to participate in the Yudumarth Campaign to capture terrorists who had done a terrorisme bombing at the Rambo Capital. During the battle the Excelsior's fire power proved vital in overcoming the defenses of Yudumarth and an invasion could be set in. After the battle the Excelsior was hauling supplies and gave medical aid to the crew of the Infernal, under command of Mortikran, when the ship suffered a bombing as well.

Excelsior approaches Proogency

Later on, during the 12th month of 2804 (06 AQF) the Excelsior participated in the Battle of Angforst near Rambo Prime, together with Rambo and Imperial vessels in which they were able to capture renegade Grand Mandator Garlboz. During the second month of 2805 (07 AQF), the Excelsior became involved in the Excelsior Endeavors, their first task to hunt down the stolen star destroyer Infernal. Wanting experience within her undermanned ship, the Excelsior travelled to Proogency, a listening facility near Quadrantia Grox territories to pick up new members for her crew, Ramiron, Tatsu Irana and Bianca Fiercehart. Even the mysterious Scion was allowed to come onboard for further study.

The Excelsior arrives at Lianna-station

Approaching the Metruia-Nebula, the Excelsior was taken inside under guidance of Ramiron and the flight controls of Tatsu Irana. However it was taken by surprise by the Infernal who opened fire, forcing the Excelsior to retreat to safer grounds.

Desolation of the Bisistar

After Inquisitor Akagêlth took command over the Excelsior, it abandoned the search for the Infernal and instead rendevouzed with Lianna-station where it eventually travelled to Ramalivua after saving Rayria Mary Ramelzen from the clutches of the pirate Zkhan. Afterwards, Proogency often became a staging area for the USS Excelsior, her base of operation when not needed on missions.

During the fourth month of 2805 (07 AQF), the Excelsior saw action during the Great Battle against the Bisistar after their attempt to invade the Cyrannus Galaxy. The Excelsior joined a massive fleet of Mou'Cyran Accords members at the Coru Secundus sector. During the battle the USS Excelsior mostly targeted flagships and used her agility to defend the capital ships when they were in peril.

Afterwards, the Excelsior returned to the Quadrant Galaxies though returned near the end of 2805 (07 AQF) to participate in the siege of Vasuband, bringing upon the end of the Cyrannian Imperial State.

Under Mykera K'rell[]

Captain Mykera K'rell assumed command of the Excelsior in 2818 (20 AQF). With the outbreak of the Second Great Cyrannus War and the subsequent fall of Rambo Nation he led the Excelsior during the Second Battle of Lianna where the Excelsior was sieged by the Imperials.


The USS Excelsior is an Excelsior-Class long range exploration and heavy battle cruiser in service of the Rambo Navy. Launched during past times in 2364 (434 BQF), she is one of the oldest vessels still in service within Rambo Command. The refitted and upgraded version of the Excelsior was launched in 06 AQF under command of Chianwe Apanoida, a female Chinawkya with an agressive look at things.

Like most vessels with the Rambo Navy, the USS Excelsior features the saucer section-engineering section-warp nacelle layout common within the navy. However, it featured a more streamlined design than was seen in previous classes like the Bonaventura-Class and the Constitution-Class. The Excelsior is equipped with 8 phaser emitters in five dual phaser emplacements on the forward saucer section, and one dual emplacement on the aft of the saucer. Phaser banks were also positioned laterally, located port and starboard, near the point that the primary and secondary hulls meet, as well as one emplacement located between the nacelles. This made the Excelsior-class able to defend itself against enemy attacks from all sides. She is able to fire photon torpedoes as well, from two forward tubes and at the aft section, just below the shuttlebay as well has an armanent of quantem torpedoes onboard.

She is able to reach speeds around Warp 9.0.

The USS Excelsior has colorations painted on her at her lower sections, marking her apart from other Excelsior-classes who normally have a white lower section.


Divisions and Shifts[]

The USS Excelsior has a number of crewmembers onboard, a total Crew capacity of 750 crewmembers, all working in one of the departments and divisions found onboard.

Known divisions:

  • Command division: corps of officers who specialise in command and control functions onboard the starship (or stations). Capable of leading missions, operating consoles and advance abilities in tactical operations. Color: Red.
  • Operations division: corps of crewmembers and officers who are the backbone of the fleet. Comprimised of the engineering, navigation and maintenance. Color: Yellow (operations)/White Suites (Engineer).
  • Science division: corps of crewmembers and officers who are comprised of the exploratory, medical, and mental health departments. Color: Blue (exploratory)/Green and white (medical).
  • Security division: corps of crewmembers and officers who are specialised in security, interrogations of prisoners and guarding the brick. Color: Red with armor.

The crewmembers can be divided into various shift duties, like day shift (main bridge crew- 08.00-16.00), swing shift (16.00-24.00), night shift (24.00/00.00-08.00) and other notable crew members working various rotating shifts.

The USS Excelsior has a three-shift rotation within 24 hours.

Captain's History[]

Captain Apanoida.png Chianwe Apanoida
06 AQF-20 AQF
  • Fifth Commanding Officer of the USS Excelsior
  • Escorted Proconsul Apollo on her maiden voyage
  • Attempted to hunt down Mortikran onboard the Infernal
  • Participated in the Great Battle against the Bisistar
  • Participated in the Siege of Vasuband.
  • Perished in the line of duty onboard the Excelsior in end 19 AQF.
Rambo Emblem 2.png
Rambo Nation
Mykera K'rell (captain)Large.png Mykera K'rell
20 AQF-Ongoing
  • Sixth Commanding Officer of the USS Excelsior
Rambo Emblem 2.png
Rambo Nation

Crew Members[]

Under Chianwe Apanoida
Name/Rank Name/Rank Name/Rank Name/Rank
CommanderRamiron.png Bianca FiercehartLarge.png Llt Commander Irana 1.png Ramickon RamgloverLarge.png
Second in command
Bianca Fiercehart
Lieutenant Commander
Medical officer
Tatsu Irana
Lieutenant Commander
Bridge helm officer
(on rotation)
Ramickon Ramglover
Bridge science officer


A shimmer of hope in a darkness of space!

- Chianwe Apanoida

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