She is more than just a ship, she is a friend, part of my life and my home!

- James Rambo

The United Star Ship Enterprise-A, better known as the USS Enterprise-A, or simply the Enterprise is a Constitution-Class (refit) heavy cruiser/long range exploration ship in service of the Rambo Nation Space Fleet. The ship came into service in 2802 (04 AQF) during the Alveni a Malus, a time period during the Quadrantia Disorder.

Her first commander was the Quadrantia Humanoid, captain James Rambo. Shortly after her launch the Enterprise became soon known as a ship with the most marvellous and staggering adventures. As well as a ship easily recognised and both loved, feared and hated.

By 2820 (22 AQF), the ship was locked away at an exhibition by the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus after the subjugation of Rambo Nation.

Service History[]

Construction History (2798 - 2802)[]

The Enterprise construction at the Shipyards of Rowar began early on in 2798 (0 BQF), shortly after the Second Galactic War, with the Rambo fleet in shambles it began constructing the well known Constitution-class from scratch, wich soon became dubbed as the Constitution-class (Refit). Sadly, due to the events in the Intergalactic War the construction schedule of the Enterprise was pushed back, as the Shipyards were tasked with repairing ships first. Finally, during the 5th month of 2802 (04 AQF) the ship was launched under command of the inexperienced Q-humanoid, captain James Rambo. Together with James Rambo, most of the crew were rather new and fresh from the Academy.

Under James Rambo (2802 - 2813)[]

Rendevouz with Angforst

Her first mission was to patrol the borders near Ramaprica in the Cyrannus Galaxy. As the crew got to knew the ship, as well as to work together the ship was dispatched to aid a Serindia captain whos ship was under siege from Hutters. After aiding the Serindia captain the ship was dispatched to join a task force and saw combat with the Grox Empire during the Great Cyrannus War. Further duties requiered her to travel to Javan and Koerband before being assigned by Empress Ramashe to rendevouz with the massive mobile space station Angforst. It later joined her in liberating Ivalaë from the Confederacy of Allied Systems.

After the mission the Enterprise was called back to the Shipyards to recieve a new upgrade, to make her more sleaker and more fit for long range exploration missions. After weeks of upgrading, the ship was dispatched to explore Quadrant 21 were it made first contact with the Andormaru and the Quadrantia Loron. The ship later on participated in 2803 (05 AQF) in the Battle of Angforst, where her presence made the Rambo and Republic work together to repel the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus. Sadly, weeks later the Nation was forced to sign the Nin-Glaré Concordat wich turned Rambo Nation into a protectrate of the Empire after they managed to conquer the Rambo Capital. Soon after James recieved news that his missing daughter, Claire was seen in Quadrant 21 and the Enterprise became involved in her Hunt for the Zevian Skull. During the hunt the Enterprise found and explored a part of the planet Zevia and near the conclusion of the Hunt located and found the mysterious Atlantica planet Aecor.

Enterprise drawn into a wormhole leading to the future

At Aecor the ship recieved serious damage from a Congatus assault-cruiser under command of Thel'Vicliquam. During the conclusion Claire was injured and the Enterprise returned at full speed to the Rambo Capital where Claire managed to survive her serious injuries. After the battle damage was repaired at the Capital, the ship travelled to Rambo Prime where it's crew took shore leave. After the terrorist attack at the Capital and the following Yudumarth Campaign the Enterprise was send to investigate the dissapearance of New Cyrannian Republic captain Helo Roslia. The captain vanished at the NX-Region, and Rambo Command wished to conduct an investigation behind the New Republic's back. Upon arriving they welcome Helo Roslia after he returned from a dangerous adventure in the future.

Enterprise trapped in an Icolian Web

Upon Helo's leave, the Enterprise continued her sensor sweep of the NX-Region when they suddenly faced a new and dangerous threat. As a new wormhole opened a Congregation cruiser exited and opened fire at the Enterprise, severly damaging the proud vessel. With boarding parties overruning the personel, it seemed the Congregation Cruiser was about to destroy the Enterprise when it suddenly stopped firing. The captain, James took this chance to escape the terrifying vessel. Afterwards, the Enterprise was suddenly drawn into a wormhole at the NX-Region where she became part of her own adventure in the future. Upon it's return to the normal time line again, the Enterprise once again embarked on new journeys, known as the Voyages of Enterprise, during these voyages the Enterprise became involved in various events and explored new wonders of the Quadrant Galaxies.

Enterprise begins docking procedures with Spacedock

During it's way home to recieve repairs at the Rambo Capital, it was struck inside an Icolian energy web placed by the dreaded time hunter Azylkene. The Enterprise managed to escape the energy web after an unknown ship attacked both the Enterprise and the Icolian cruiser, allowing the Enterprise to escape. On it's way home, the Enterprise right warp naccelle began leaking plasma, though managed to reach the Rambo Capital safely. Arriving at the Caital the Enterprise began docking procedures with Spacedock.

Enterprise finishes repairs

The Enterprise recieved a three week initial and extensive repairs to the outer hull, repairing the damage done to the ship before it could be tagged to a dry dock to recieve further upgrades to it's systems. The crew was send on shore leave by Rambo Command and was recalled later on during the second week of the 12th month of 06 AQF, as the Enterprise required final test runs before able to be send on it's way again.

It travelled first to the Unclaimed Territories where it first visited the homeworld of the Gaskhan. There they encountered the dreaded Mortikran and lost one of their crewmembers. Afterwards the Enterprise rendevouzed with the Miranda-Class USS Majestic under command of captain Ramniels Ramcelsior as they brought their newest crewmember, Idris Changecloack. After the Majestic left the Enterprise travelled at impulse speed towards the homeworld of the Chavelli. During the travel the Enterprise witnessed the brith of a mysterious green spacial cloud that disabled long range communications before heading once more towards the Chavelli homeworld.

The Enterpriseencounters the wreckage of the Polarity

After the Angforst and its fleet were destroyed by a Quashowan-dreadnought, it teamed up with the USS Pasteur and a Chavelli-CSS battlecruiser to search for survivors before returning to the Chavelli homeworld.

Enterprise encounters the Ecclessoth at the Dyson sphere

In the early days of 2806 (08 AQF), the Enteprise encountered the wreckage of the Kelvin-Class, USS Polarity. Heavily damaged after chasing an unknown energy reading, rendering the ship disabled and vanished shortly afterwards. The Enterprise managed to resque 45 of its crewmembers, including ensign Zule Grunzar.

In 2313n (15 AQF), the Enterprise was under command of James Rambo for over 12 years began its final mission under him and joined the Pathfinder Project to explore the unknown regions of the Cyrannus Galaxy. During their exploration, the Enterprise discovered a Dyson Sphere though were engaged by a hostile empire known as the Ecclessoth Convocation that disabled the Enterprise.

Drydock (2813 - current)[]

The Enterprise Exhibition in orbit of the Rambo Capital (2820)

By 2813 (15 AQF), James Rambo was promoted to rear-admiral and was forced to relinquish command of the Enterprise. The ship, famous through it exploits and not current to modern standards was mothballed and send to drydock to await further upgrades. During the outbreak of the Second Great Cyrannus War and the wavering rule of High King Rambert Ramveral the Enterprise was often used by the Rambo Academy as a static-training vessel for cadets. This allowed them to make use of the vessel and learn at the same time how the systems operated without going into flight.

With the fall and subjugation of Rambo Nation in October 2819 (21 AQF), the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus stumbled upon the Enterprise. Mandator Camron Dar, well aware of the famous nature of the Enterprise ordered his subjects to raise a drydock exhibition so that the Enterprise was on display and able to be visited by Cyrandia citizens. His purpose for doing so was two-sided, one to honor the ship her service the other to remind the Quadrantians that Rambo Nation was no more and the Empire ruled over them.


The USS Enterprise-A is a Constitution-Class Refit Class V2 Mk. IV, Enterprise sub-class; though it is often just called the Enterprise. The vessel was launched in the year 2802 (04 AQF), during the 5th month of the Quadrantia Disorder under command of James Rambo, a Quadrantia Humanoids.

Enterprise at warp

The ship is upgraded two times during her service record under James Rambo, making the ship stronger, more advanced and more suitable for long range exploration missions while also keeping her status as heavy battle cruiser. Her weapon arsenal included phaser, both blue and red colored phasers, with the red colored phasers being more powerful, but it drains the shields. The ship also has phaser cannons and is equipped with photon torpedoes and a few secret and classified quantem torpedoes. Her shields are state of the art within the Rambo Navy and have rotating shield frequencies, making her shields able to withstand both enemy fire and impact from enemy torpedoes.

The ship needs a crew of 430 to operate efficient, and can achieve warp 8.7. She has an average length of 366 meters.

Enterprise travelling through space

While she was initially launched, the USS Enterprise-A was attached as a heavy battle cruiser, with her main goal to participate in battles. However her designation changed to a long range space exploration ship, and during her upgrades was equipped to be able to execute that designation with additional science lab and personal. During her maiden launch under under command of the inexperienced captain James Rambo, Rambo Command already predicted the USS Enterprise-A will become a famous ship for Rambo Nation and an example for other captain; as well as setting an example for all those children whom have dreams to become a captain of a space ship and wish to have their own adventures.

Enterprise in orbit of Chavelli

Onboard the USS Enterprise captain James Rambo made strict rules for cloathing, actually one of the first for the Nation. James wanted crewmembers to wear the same model, with differant colors signaling their division and function onboard ships. This made some older officers in the Nation a bit grumpy, but Rambo Command has been researching for a way to apply it perhaps on all ships in the Navy.

Over time the USS Enterprise-A became known as a humanoid vessel, often against the wishes or likes of the higher Serindia officers. Yet the most important trait for the USS Enterprise-A was her crew, who considered the ship as their home. The crew became known for their results, actions and their loyalty to their captain and Empress.


The bridge crew of the USS Enterprise-A (2802)

Divisions and Shifts[]

The USS Enterprise-A has various crewmembers onboard, belonging to various departments and divisions.

Known divisions:

  • Command division: corps of officers who specialise in command and control functions onboard the starship (or stations). Capable of leading missions, operating consoles and advance abilities in tactical operations. Color: Red.
  • Operations division: corps of crewmembers and officers who are the backbone of the fleet. Comprimised of the engineering, navigation and maintenance. Color: Yellow (operations)/White Suites (Engineer).
  • Science division: corps of crewmembers and officers who are comprised of the exploratory, medical, and mental health departments. Color: Blue (exploratory)/Green and white (medical).
  • Security division: corps of crewmembers and officers who are specialised in security, interrogations of prisoners and guarding the brick. Color: Red with armor.

The USS Enterprise-A has many crewmembers onboard, yet a few stand out as they often go with the captain on missions or due to their skills onboard. The crewmembers can be divided into various shift duties, like day shift (main bridge crew- 08.00-16.00), swing shift (16.00-24.00), night shift (24.00/00.00-08.00) and other notable crew members working various rotating shifts.

The USS Enterprise-A has a three-shift rotation within 24 hours.

Captain's History[]

James Rambo v3Large.png James Rambo
2802 - 2813
(04 AQF - 15 AQF)
Rambo Emblem 2.png
Rambo Nation

Personnel Roster[]

Under James Rambo (2802 - 2813)
Name/Rank Name/Rank Name/Rank Name/Rank NameRank Name/Rank Name/Rank
Captain James Rambo V2.png Mr Doohan.png Doctor Bob Chioaik.png Lieutenant Jolene Adams.png Idris ChangecloackLarge.png Ensign Hannity.png Ensign Laria Silveria02.png
James Rambo
Commanding Officer
Executive Officer &
Chief Engineer
Bob Chioaik
Lieutenant Commander
Chief Medical Officer
Jolene Adams
Bridge Science Officer
Idris Changecloack
Bridge Helm Officer
Tash Hannity
Bridge Communications Officer
Laria Silveria
Engineering Officer
Name/Rank Name/Rank Name/Rank Name/Rank NameRank Name/Rank Name/Rank
Alessandra Zoe Cretacea.png Crewman B'Seala 01.png Creman Janice Ross 01.png Crewman Windsor 01.png Crewman Yudran 01.png E'Leana 2.png Yeoman Zahra Ross 01.png
Alessandra Zoe Cretacea
Petty Officer Second Class
Engineering Department &
Transporter Chief
Operations Department:
Transporter room
Janice Ross
Medical department:
Medical assistent
Security department
Science department:
Junior science assistant
Zahra Ross
Night Shift

The night shift is a duty period that occurs during the hours in which officers from day and swing shift would otherwise be sleeping. It is usually relegated to the junior officers, as most people are not fond of working in night shifts.

Name/Rank Name/Rank
Lt Tania.png Codoberia.png
Tania Samantha Lefler
Lieutenant Junior Grade
Nightshift commanding officer
Lieutenant Junior Grade
Nighshift tactical officer
(2802 - 2806)
Other Notable Crew

Other notable crew are often crew members with special functions onboard, and who do not fall in either day, swing or night shifts. Among them are the yeoman, chief engineering and civilians (like the chef/bar tender) onboard. These are crewmembers who have minor appearances and do not have a seperate page of their own.

Chef Chusey1.png
  • Name: Chusey
  • Born: Unknown
  • Rank: Lieutenant Commander
  • Species: Cuchulias
  • Division: Chef

The Cuchulias known as Chusey is the large but excellent master chef en cook onboard the USS Enterprise-A. Though Chusey is part of the navy, he doesn't wear a Navy uniform though is listed as a lt. commander due to his status as Master Chef. Chusey is one of the best chefs in the entire navy and many are jealous that he decided to join the crew of the Enterprise.

Chusey likes to cook and make diner, breakfast and lunch for all, often with a variety and with at least two menus so people have always something to eat that they like. Chusey himself also likes to taste everything he makes, adding that to his already large size the Dr. Bob disagrees with that but Chusey doesn't matter. Onboard, Chusey is friendly with all, and all like to talk to him though some prefer he does something about his hygiene; as that is not always as it should be according to standards.

Lieutenant Kestraln.png
  • Name: Kestraln
  • Born: Unknown
  • Rank: Lieutenant
  • Species: Amiaeria
  • Division: Command

The Amiaria Noble known as Lieutenant Kestraln is one of the older crewmembers of the USS Enterprise-A, serving under Captain James Rambo since the beginning. Refusing to comment on his past or birth place. He joined the Acadamy around 35 BQF and graduated five years later. During his carreer he ascended to the rank of Lieutenant but refused any more promotions, not wanting to bear the burden of command. Command allowed this and transferred him to the USS Enterprise-A when it came under command of James Rambo.

Though more agressive and less kind than James he is often at odds with him about security measures, though both trust eachother with their lives. Somewhere around 05 AQF James assigned him as the Chief Security Officer, something he takes great pride in. When Rambo Nation signed the Concordate, he felt sick as he disliked the Cyrannians since the beginning. In his eyes the Rambo should never have entered Cyrannus during the Trucinex War.

However his personality makes him a bit harsh to understand or liked by younger officers like Hannity or Jolene. None the less they all respect him and are well aware of his knowledge about ship security and how to disable enemy ships by using phasers and photon torpedoes.

Ensign Walter Yelchin.png
  • Name: Walter Yelchin
  • Born: 15 BQF
  • Rank: Ensign
  • Species: Quadrantia Humanoid
  • Division: Operations

Walter Yelchin was born at the Rambo colony of Javan in 15 BQF. After highschool he was allowed to study at the Rambo Acadamy due to his extreme skills in plotting courses and navigating spaceships in simulations. At the age of 20, in 05 AQF/01 NE he graduated and was promoted to the rank of Ensign. Shortly at the start of 01 NE Walter was transferred to the USS Enterprise-A, the ship he requested to serve on.

Seeing his record Captain James Rambo allowed him to become his new navigator as his former retired of old age. Honored Walter plotted many courses throughout Quadrant 21 and in the Battle of Angforst. However after the signing of the Concordate, which Walter greatly dislikes. Later on, he managed to prevent the destruction of the ship when they arrived at Proogency with the destruction of the station and star destroyer there. For this action the entire crew commented on his great piloting skills.

Walter is kind and cunning officer in the making. He gained a lot of knowledge about smuggling routes because of his time spending in the spaceport of Javan. This trait makes him highly capable of intercepting enemey ships around the Quadrantia-Cyrannus Wormhole. However is "Javan" dialect makes him sometimes difficult to understand, for both the crewmembers and the ship's computer.

Walter dies during a ground mission at Gaskhan, murdered by the brutal Mortikran for standing in his way.


Daddy's pride!

- Claire Rambo

A fine ship, an example for the entire fleet!

- Vice-Admiral Ramcard

A grand vessel, one which I hope to visit someday!

- Willelmus Cretacea


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