The USS Elgorodaurl is an experimental ship launched during the Great Cyrannus War in 04 AQF, shortly after her maiden voyage she went missing and the crew and vessel found themselves stranded in the Endless Space of the First Gigaqaudrant.

Service History[]

USS Elgorodaurl in orbit

After the devastating Second Galactic War in 0 BQF, Rambo Nation managed to defeat the dreaded Imperial Alliance with aid of outsiders, the allies of the Nation. Witnissing their navy outdated, Rambo Command ordered to upgrade the fleet with a V2 upgrade, though ordered new kind of vessels to be designed and tested as well, at the secret shipyards of Lesrakta, hidden deep in the Metruia-Nebula.

USS Elgorodaurl drawn into the anomaly

In 04 AQF, the Great Cyrannus War broke out between the United Republic of Cyrannus and the Confederacy of Allied Systems. Rambo Nation was drawn into the conflict as well. During the opening months the Lizardian captain Lizaconda of the Liberty patrolled the Metruia-Nebula, searching for a way in. Desperate, the High Council ordered captain Lassai Chiakian to take the near completed vessel to attack and destroy the Liberty. During her maiden voyage the vessel was hit by a spacial rift and send to the space between the known galaxies of the First Gigaquadrant, an unexplored, uncharted and very dangerous area of space far beyond the know trade routes. Stranded and beyond aid of Rambo Nation, the vessel was truly Lost in Space and stranded in the Argoroth Sector of the Endless Space.

No match for the Mandabit cruiser!

For four months, the vessels cruised truly empty space until it finally arrived at Kirioohsk, a planet where they hoped to resupply and find out what kind of place they were in. It soon turned out, with aid of Zaa Ashara they managed to resque one of their own from slavery at Gorgorthrond. Trying to escape vengeance from the slaver, it travelled to Boronia where it soon encountered the greatest of threats within the Argoroth Sector, the dreaded harvesting insectoids known as the Mandabits. Though the crew of the Elgorodaurl tried to aid the Boronian, it soon became clear the Mandabit vessel easily overpowered the Rambo vessel and its captain issued a retreat and travelled furhter south.

It later took damage after encountering the Cognatus though was repaired easily. Later on, it aided the Cognatus in stablizing a wormhole by using its deflector and navigational dish to create a subspace tensor matrix. During the voyage the system overloaded and send the ship spinning out of control. It managed to limp to a nearby asteroid where it came under attack.

After the attack, its whereabouts remain unknown.


The USS Elgorodaurl is an experimental Tirithsilliana-class long range scientific exploration vessel with frigate capabilities. This means the ship is well armed and is equipped with strong shields, though was not constructed for direct combat. Much of the inner construction contains sleeping quarters for the crew, scientific labs, cargo bays, a single shuttle bay, medical bay and more.

The USS Elgorodaurl requires a minimal crew of 85 to operate efficient, when send on her desperate mission she only had a crew of 35. The ship is able to carry over 1600 passengers in case of emergencies or evacuations. For her role and crew complement, her size remarks the efficiency of the vessels operational systems, with a size of 167 meters in lenght, she is one of the larger vessels in service of the fleet upon her maiden voyage in 04 AQF.

The ship was further equipped with four standard personnel transporters and four cargo transporters. The ship also featured a standard control computer, tractor beam, sensor and deflector shields and arrays.

New kind of shuttle

Equiped with warp engines and a hyper drive, the ship was able to travel at velocity with different propulsions. Her standard propulsion system were the impulse engines as both warp and hyper drive jumps drain its main source of energy, the warp core. She could achieve speeds of warp 9.2. The ship armanent include phaser emitters and array (forward, aft, prot and starboard), two photon torpedo launchers with forward, after, port and starboard firing arcs and was able to firing spread torpededoes from a magazine of 250.

The New Orleans weapons had a 720 degree arc phaser emitter, with forward, aft, port and starboard firing arcs. The vessels had two photon torpedo launchers with forward, aft, port and starboard firing arcs, firing spreads of 8 torpedoes.

The ship also carries experimental shuttles, 8 meters in lenght and more agile, smaller and stream lined their the more common shuttles. These shuttles are equipped with phasers and deflector shields, have transporters onboard and are able to fire up to 8 photon torpedoes.


Divisions and Shifts[]

The USS Elgorodaurl has a number of crewmembers onboard, a total Crew capacity of 85 crewmembers, all working in one of the departments and divisions found onboard.

Known divisions:

  • Command division: corps of officers who specialise in command and control functions onboard the starship (or stations). Capable of leading missions, operating consoles and advance abilities in tactical operations. Color: Red.
  • Operations division: corps of crewmembers and officers who are the backbone of the fleet. Comprimised of the engineering, navigation and maintenance. Color: Yellow (operations)/White Suites (Engineer).
  • Science division: corps of crewmembers and officers who are comprised of the exploratory, medical, and mental health departments. Color: Blue (exploratory)/Green and white (medical).
  • Security division: corps of crewmembers and officers who are specialised in security, interrogations of prisoners and guarding the brick. Color: Red with armor.

The crewmembers can be divided into various shift duties, like day shift (main bridge crew- 08.00-16.00), swing shift (16.00-24.00), night shift (24.00/00.00-08.00) and other notable crew members working various rotating shifts.

The USS Elgorodaurl maintains a three-shift rotation within 24 hours.

Command Crew[]




  • The ship is named for the first Rambo Emperor, Emperor Elgorodaurl.

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