UNO Warships are a class of unmanned ships/AI Weapons in the Unified Nation of Ottzello Fleet.


The Warships have always been large starships with incredible weapons power. Over time, Warships have improved tenfold, due to having new types of weaponry and larger budgets.

Third Ottzello War[]

Warships were the first ships created by the United Nations of Ottzello, to match those of their allies. The ships began as fairly small, until Frigates came in, in which they became huge battleships, but were always accompanied by other ships.

When the Ottzelloan Grox joined UNO, they made a new system that meant only the Warship needed megadrive engines; the Destroyers and Frigates were simply attached to it when moving to other planets (and their engines contribute to the speed), and the Fighter-Bombers were inside the warships. Also when the Grox joined, they became as powerful as most Kralgon starships, and are capable of defeating multiple Spaceflyer Tyranites before being overrun. When the Ioketa joined, it would be common for a few Ioketa to stay on the ship and use their Essence ppowers to upgrade the sip and keep it in check. Their inter-planetary engines were made much more efficient with the Heeyorian engines.

UNO Initiation-First Era[]

Since then, the ships have improved tenfold; when Kralgon weaponry came and the newly-formed Unified Nation of Ottzello continued to develop more powerful weapons, they became greatly improved. They were also reused as AI Weapons. The Ioketa do still operate on the ship; Essence usage has becomne more rare for UNO, thus so has the Ioketa's need to be in ships (they have many other roles elsewhere and in UNO's society), and thus it is not uncommon for the Warship to be the only ship containing Ioketa.



UNO warships are very long, with several weapons both inside and visible outside the hull. There is a large engine on the back, and a bridge on the top towards the end of it. Most visible weapons can be seen nearer he front. The ships' colours are variable. They are 250 metres tall, but 2 kilometres long.


Normally there are only 3-7 warships in a fleet. In larger fleets, there are around 19. There is normally a larger one either at the front or at the back, while others are found throughout the fleet with their accompaniment.


Being the largest ship, they have the greatest AI, meaning they lead other unamnned weapons in space and ground combat, as well as giving orders through The System. Their AIs are made to recreate the thought patterns of an Inalton, and there are also organic creatures who can take over from the AI if necessary; normally there will be Inalton or Grimbolsaurian behind the war strategies and commanding the ship and fleet.



They use antimatter missiles and railguns (average projectile fire at 25,000 km/h and projectiles having a mass of 100kg), most of which are contained under the hull. Their weapons are incredibly potent; being from such a large ship, they carry the largest shells (used in railguns) and longest barrels (meaning more rail acceleration time), and can contain more antimatter (in the missiles).


There are no specific tactics known regarding evading the ships.


Made as leading ships in the fleet, Warships are the strongest ships. They also contain the Fighter-Bombers, and are used for interplanetary travel (and attach the Destroyers and Frigates to it). Their lasers are huge, and the missiles fairly effective (but Destroyers' missiles are more powerful).

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