The UNO Omega Commander was the ultimate Unified Nation of Ottzello flagship, and the centrepiece of the Unified Nation of Ottzello's group mind. Containing UNOL and the UNOL HQ, UNOL was the centre of the vast network of artificial intelligences that made up the governing body of the Unified Nation of Ottzello. It also served as an incredibly powerful and near-indestructible warship.

The Omega Commander was discarded and used as the template for Da Propa Big Rogue Krooza's new form after Settlin Da Score.



In development by the Tralkik Commander and Kralgon Emperor for a long time, the UNO Omega Commander was the key point at the centre of UNO's many AIs. It was key in the Unified Nation of Ottzello becoming a total collective group mind consciousness.

Construction began at around the time the Tralkikianoe joined UNO, and was, in a way, a response to the technoosphere. The design was to create UNOL's flagship, as well as the ultimate AI, which was to be master of al things UNO. The result worked, but took many tries to fully initiate and implement. The ship itself as been proven near-invincible, and incredibly destructive to enemies. The AI, meanwhile, is one of the most powerful.


When the UNO Omega Commander was implemented into the group mind consciousness of the Unified Nation of Ottzello, the entire nation changed. It became much more attached, in that it was the ultimate consciousness with full control over it. All problems with the UNO Omega Commander were, surprisingly, sorted out quickly. Implementation was done slowly, with one species done per day, to ensure there were no glitches. It improved The System hugely.


The UNO Omega Commander was taken over by Da Rogue Boyz and used as the basis for the new Rogue Krooza, as Da Propa Big Rogue Geek took over it.



The UNO Omega Commander is a huge (6.4km long, 1.6km wide) ship. It is coloured mostly in the same way as other ships in the Fleet. It contains UNOL HQ, as well as an entire city that is mostly lived in by the upper class.


The Commander has no personality of its own, as it is only a computer. This personality is filled instead by UNOL, who each form different parts of its decision-making process. It contains other intelligences and personalities as part of the consciousness. These consciousnesses are often designated to being in charge of specific roles, though they can each collaborate to make decisions when the time arises.


The UNO Omega Commander controls all other artificial intelligences, and has full command over The System. As such, every biological individual and piece of machinery directly links back to it, giving it ultimate control over everything.

All of UNO, in fact, made up parts of the Commander's group mind, as their minds determine all of its decisions, though only those of UNOL made up the ultimate decision making process. In truth, each individual biological organism and piece of technology has its own autonomy, but consults first with the AI in charge of it which in turn consults the Omega Commander, which passes the ultimate decision. This all happens in split nanoseconds.

The warship shell protecting the inner AI has an electromagnetic drive, capable of sub-lightspeed travel, railguns, relativistic missiles, electromagnetic shielding and much more. It has many weapons, as well as the ability to create hypermatter and use zero-point generators for power. It also has non-phasic sheilding and albative armour. It also has a second smaller AI, the second is for moving the ship itself.


The Omega Commander travels using Cold Relays, but can use its interior electromagnetic drive to manipulate gravity, allowing it to travel at sub-lightspeed rates. It can also create its own subspace tunnels, though these are not as stable as the Cold Relays.



The ship has the following weapons:

  • Subspace compression wave - The ship can fire a subspacecompression projectile which, when fired, unleashes an enormous subspace compression wave. This, in full effect, can be used to take out an entire galaxy.
  • Relativistic missile - One of its larger guns concealed at the front (not visible from this picture). This projectile is accelerated with the ships' electromagnetic drive, as well as the acceleration of the ship's movement, as well as hypermatter which can be gathered (meaning they are at their best when fired just as the ship exits subspace), making them move at a speed that is a high percentage of the speed of light. The spherical projectile is incredibly heavy, with the mass of 10^1kg. When travelling at 0.9c (90% of the speed of light), dealing the damage of 2x10^32 J. That damage can destroy a planet, and easily destroy almost any ship.
  • Particle cannons - There are several of these weapons, each of which capable of dealing the damage of a nuclear weapon the same size.
  • Railguns - Less powerful than the relativistic missile, but still very capable for anti-starship uses.
  • Superlasers - There are many superlasers concealed in the ship, which are all piloted by the ship's AI. These are used to take out starfighters and larger ships.


There are almost no tactics to evade from this enormous warship.



  • The ship was originally created as a response to the Da Propa Big Rogue Krooza, before becoming a larger part of UNO's fiction.
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