UNO Frigate is a class of unmanned ships/AI Weapons in the Unified Nation of Ottzello Fleet.


Third Ottzello Galactic War[]

Frigates were originally created by the Ottzel and Inalton in the Third Ottzello Galactic War. When Frigates were introduced to accompany the Warships, they were initially poor. This was due to the fact that the vehicle often came apart. When the Ottzelloan Grox joined UNO, however, they made improvements to the vessel, meaning that it was held together much better with better technology, and the reactor was safer. They also added their own metals, making the ship extremely efficient. When the Ioketa joined, one or two Ioketa would work in the ship, and use energy to boost it's powers and keep the ship together, which proved effective. In addition, when the Heeyorian joined, the ships were improved with far more powerful reactors and better engines.

UNO First-Initiation Era[]

Since then, the ships have improved tenfold; when Kralgon weaponry came and the newly-formed Unified Nation of Ottzello continued to develop more powerful weapons, they became greatly improved. The railgun is one in particular that has made Frigates more powerful. They were also reused as AI Weapons. The Ioketa no longer operate on the ship; Essence usage has become more rare for UNO, thus so has the Ioketa's need to be in ships (they have many other roles elsewhere and in UNO's society), and thus it is not uncommon for the Warship to be the only ship containing Ioketa.



UNO Frigates have a cross shape, and are made of various metals, painted in various colours. There are several moveable weapons inside, as well as larger weapons which are visible on the hull. The bridge of the ship is on the inside. The ship is designed in a way that the weak points aren't visible. They are around 100 metres tall and 50 metres long.


There are around 6-8 frigates accompanying one Warship. They are in a similar quantity to Destroyers in a fleet. It is also common to have groups of 6-8 Frigates on their own, but Frigates are normally placed on there own dotted around the fleet.


The targeting systems on Frigates are very advanced, meaning that frigates can aim their weapons for the best weakspots to hit, as well as target enemy fighters and bombers. It is not uncommon for the Frigates to contain one or two Ioketa to keep things in order; these Ioketa would be the only organic life forms in the ship.



Frigates, like most UNO ships, use antimatter missiles, railguns and electrolasers at enemies. 4 Frigates functioning together can take down most space stations of capital ships, in a raid group. When accompanying larger ships, they often take out whatever enemies aren't being targeted by the ship they are accompanying.


There is no specific method used to evade UNO Frigates; it is very difficult, as Frigate targeting systems are very advanced, and designed to adapt to any number of ships.


Frigates are generally used to accompany larger vehicles.

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