UNO Fighter-Bombers are a class of small AI Weapons/unmanned ships in the Unified Nation of Ottzello Fleet.


Third Ottzello Galactic War[]

Fighter-Bombers were created by the Galot and Ottzel in the Third Ottzello Galactic War, when the Galot and Ottzel were in the United Nations of Ottzello. They were improved vastly when the Ottzellon Grox joined UNO, being made more powerful and efficient. Prior to the Grox helping, Fighter-Bombers were very unsafe if chemicals leaked. They were made even more powerful and faster, with a better engine, when the Heeyorian joined UNO, who improved other UNO ships. They are 18 metres long, and 3 metres tall.

UNO First-Initiation Era[]

Since then, the ships have improved tenfold; when Kralgon weaponry came and the newly-formed Unified Nation of Ottzello continued to develop more powerful weapons, they became greatly improved. In particular, it was the railgun that made these ships more powerful, as it did with all of UNO's other ships. The railgun made anti-ship combat much more easy. They were also reused as AI Weapons, although they can often contain pilots.



Design of UNO Starships is similar to Grox ships, as the Grox helped to design the current model. They have several visible large weapons, as they lack weapons that aren't visibile on the hull. Fighter-Bombers can only fit one pilot (if manned for personal use), but they are often controlled remotely.


Fighter-Bombers are contained in Warships, and are normally found in the hangars. When they are deloyed, they will first aim at enemy fighters, then at enemy bombers, and then at large enemy ships. Depending on numbers, they often aim for more than one at a time. When retreating or travelling, they return to the hangar.


Fighter-Bombers are incredibly fast and agile, which is good as they can outmanoeuvre enemies with ease, yet contain antimatter bombs to destroy the enemy. Due to their small size and powerful explosives, they are good at taking down large ships by aiming for the weak spots. They also use railguns, making them more powerful than most other starfighters.



Fighter-Bombers use antimatter missiles, electrolasers and contain a small railgun. The railgun, as well as antimatter missiles/bombs are used to destroy larger targets, such as space cruisers, space stations, and the bombs are used to bomb enemy cities. The electrolasers are lasers made of electrons, thus hard to develop a defence against. These weapons are anti-starfighter weapons.


Outnumbering the Fighter-Bombers can confuse the AIs, which will consistently change target before the AIs adapt to the combat situation.


Serving as a fighter and a bomber in one, Fighter-Bombers can bomb enemy settlements, as well as destroy large ships and space stations by aiming their railguns at weak points. They are also good at taking out enemies in a dogfight.

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