UNO Destroyers are an unmanned ship/AI Weapon class in the Unified Nation of Ottzello Fleet.


Third Ottzello Galactic WarEdit

UNO Destroyers were designed early by the United Nations of Ottzello in the [{fiction|Third Ottzello Galactic War}} in order to destroy Kralgon space ships, as well as to serve as a defence. However, as they were made cheaply, several chemicals would spill and the ships would sometimes fail. Furthermore, they weren't safe as the missiles were so large that the engine had to be extremely efficient. When UNO became richer, however, more designing was put into them. This was made even better when the Grox joined, and added their designs, making the ships very efficient. Even more so when the Ioketa joined; they were used to guide missiles and ensure safety even greater. The missiles were made faster nd the ships engines improved with Heeyorian's entry to UNO.

UNO Initiation-First EraEdit

Since then, the ships have improved tenfold; when Kralgon weaponry came and the newly-formed Unified Nation of Ottzello continued to develop more powerful weapons, they became greatly improved. They were also reused as AI Weapons. The Ioketa no longer operate on the ship; Essence usage has becomne more rare for UNO, thus so has the Ioketa's need to be in ships (they have many other roles elsewhere and in UNO's society); all the things the Ioketa originally did (guiding missiles and safety) are rendered irrelevant as nanomachines can ensure safety, not that much as needed as the ships are unmanned, and guiding is done by tracking systems.



The UNO Destroyer has several large, visible missiles, a large engine at the back and a small bridge at the front. It is made of various metals, and the colours of the ship vary. They are 100 metres long and 10 metres tall.


They are fairly high in number in the fleet, and can sometimes be found in groups of four on their own. Per Warship, there are normally around 4-8 Destroyers accompanying. They are nearly always found grouped together.


UNO Destroyers are excellent, with incredible destructive capabilities. While they can be fairly slow, they fire missiles with antimatter, that wreck havoc on enemies. The targeting systems on the ship are also great at pointing out weak spots for the missiles to attack. Due to the alloyed metals use, the ship's hull and missiles are strong and unreactive, making it safe and strong.



UNO Destroyers launch several missiles at a time, and can store a lot of ammunition. There are several slots in the ship to store the ammunition. Only a few of the antimatter missiles can take out most enemy space stations and larger ships, and it is believed that Destroyers use some mechanism capable of disabling most enemy shields.


It is nearly impossible to evade the Destroyer's missiles, due to their area of effect from the missiles, the sheer number of missiles, and the speed of the missiles, which is hyperluminal in several cases.


Used for long range missile attacks, barrages and space ordnance, UNO Destroyers are the missile ships of the UNO fleet. Equal in number and size to the Frigate, their job is to destroy enemies from afar, and to create choke points for the enemy- points where the enemy won't be able to go- so the fleet can trap them. They're also useful at taking out space stations.

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