The Typhon-class is a classified and secret Rambo Nation project overseen by the Rambo Command Temporal and Royal Command (RCT&RC) department.


Rambo Nation her Space Fleet suffered heavy after the Imperial Alliance waged war against them during the Second Galactic War. Realising the strenght of their enemies, Rambo Command gave command to construct their own "superweapons", resulting in vessels like the Hecatoncheir-Class, the Suiliagothrond Battlestation and the Angforst, but their most dearing attempt was to create a temporal weapon for their own defenses.

USS Tyhpon with escorts at Arcaniox

As such the Typhon-class designs were finished in 03 AQF and a year later, in 04 AQF the Shipyards of Rowar began constructing the vessel. A few select individuals within Rambo Command, the Goverment and empress Ramashe are aware of the temporal weapon the class posses. Those who treatened to reveal it's excistance have dissapeared or died under mysterious circumstances. After initial construction was finished, it's offensive and defensive weapons were installed at Nertharia before returning to the Shipyards for further modifications and it's test trail, scheduled to take place during the first month of 07 AQF. Sadly the destruction of the Angforst by the dreaded and enigmatic Quashowan saw the test runs once again delayed until the eight month of 07 AQF. Under supervision of rear-admiral Ramnenia Ramfrozen of the Rambo Command Temporal and Royal Command (RCT&RC) department and under command of captain Shivrt they attempted to close an anomaly that earlier on allowed a Congregation cruiser from the past appear. The test was succesful, though an unforeseen side result was the return of Ramirith and all of the Tigris colonies before their destruction, though now they were replaced to the Outer Colonial Sector.

The USS Typhon later participated in the defense of the Quadrant Galaxies by distracting the evil entity Tormentor who wanted to destroy the Quadrants. After the battle, it was dispatched to map all new anomalies and consequences it had for the geographic lay-out of Quadrant 82.

After the fall of Rambo Nation in 21 AQF (2818) the fate of the USS Typhon and its current whereabouts are unknown.


The class doesn't feature the basic Rambo Nation saucer command hull construction, instead it's is one massive ship, heavy hull plates prevent scanning of the interior by other ships. It is equipped with 4 phaser arrays, 26 photon cannons, 12 torpedo launchers capable of either firing photon, quantem or Phasic torpedoes.

USS Typhon attemps to close the rupture!

It's four warp cores allow the ship to substain it's Warp 9 capabilities as well as able to produce the massive energy needed to use it's temporal weapon.

The temporal weapon (located under the belly of the ship), can fire a beam of temporal energy, which pushes objects out of the soace time continuum. This method effectively erased the target from history and knowledge besides of those who are within the Typhon-class. Careful and meticulous calculations were required to create the exact changes in the timeline that were desired, for example to restore a heavily damaged planet, or to erase an enemy force or to be able to change temporal events. To use the weapon, the shields have to be lowered during the target and charging sequence.

Yet the ship cannot be used without permission of the Empress, and Rambo Nation is very careful with this weapon, as there is only one ship in construction. Though equipped with 4 warp nacelles, it isn't agile and is rather slow in turning due ot it's massive mass, making it in easy target and not suitable for space battles.

Notable ships[]

  • USS Typhon
    Under command of captain Shivrt
  • USS Krenim (on design table)


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