The Tralkik Sweeper is a vehicular Tralkikianoe, which serves as artillery.



The first Sweepers created were 35m long tanks, and used fuel for the tanks. They mostly fired explosive shells, and were overall small. In short, they were comparable to human 21st century tanks. Of course, these tanks were harder to produce.


Tralkik Sweepers were later improved, with particle cannons and turbolasers added to improve performance. They also used zero point energy, and were overall made smaller, but still had greater firing range than the original model.



With 2 large particle cannons at its front, superlasers around its top, and a large main cannon, the Sweeper is a beast of a vehicle. It is also, for an artillery vehicle, slim and fairly small.


As their name suggests, Sweepers will search the battlefield for enemies, and blast them from long distance. Unlike typical artillery, Sweepers will often hunt enemies more than they will stay fixed to a position, although this depends on the combat situation.


The Tralkik Sweepers use turbolasers for taking out its 'smaller' targets, such as small vehicles. It uses its main cannon and main weapons - particle cannons and antimatter shells - for its main targets. These are targeted in typical artillery vehicle fashion, and are used against large numbers of enemies, bases and larger vehicles (and sometimes airborn targets).


The Tralkik Sweepers, like other Tralkik vehicles, use sensors that can scan against various different frequencies of electromagnetic radiation and sound, both active (sending out signals and receiving them, like radar and sonar) and passive (receiving signals emitted/reflected from other sources, like how human senses work). These are particularly emphasized in the Sweepers, as they are capable of detecting and pinpointing a target from a long distance, and calculating exact means for destroying this target.



The Tralkik Sweeper has multiple smaller turbolaser cannons, used to take out targets, on the move often. These are often light vehicles, mechincal weapons, or strong infantry. It often runs often ordinary infantry.

Its main cannon, and its two large blasters at the front, fire particle cannons (although the main cannon can switch to antimatter shells). These are by far its strongest weapons, and on the main setting are used to attack the larger,more heavily armed and shielded vehicles, but it is often used to take out targets in a large radius.


The Sweeper uses regenerative albative armour; armour that uses nanomachines to be repaired, like cells would repair a bodies' skin but done far quicker, and on a larger scale. It also uses multiphasic deflector shielding, which can deflect against most forms of weaponry, albeit weakening under sustained bombardment (a problem that is often removed by making them regenerative, so that they can be immediately recharged by the ship's energy supplies, or absorbent, so that they can absorb energy from the weapons fire), as well as phased weapons (but not transphased weapons).


Due to its effective targeting systems and AI, the Sweeper can fire well-aimed shots and evaluate the combat situation to decide what its next attack should be. For this reason, it funcitons like faster, light vehicles would be expected to, firing rapid turbolaser blasts.

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