Tralkik Seekers are vehicular Tralkikianoe, functioning as light vehicles.



The Tralkik Seekers were the first vehicular Tralkikianoe developed. They were developed when it was decided that humanoid Tralkikianoe alone weren't capable of winning entire battles. Originally designed as a vehicle used to carry humanoid Tralkikianoe, the Seekers were 15m long and had capsules inside, in which humanoid Tralkik were contained. They had lasers, but nothing major in terms of weaponry.

Role changesEdit

Over time, the Seeker's role changed from a vehicle used to transport troops to the battle quickly into a light vehicle used to hunt down small targets. In addition to its jet engines, it had magnetic drives added, allowing it to reach a speed of 700 km/h. It also added particle cannons, and antimatter shell launchers, and overall became more centred around its weapon usage.


When the Tralkikianoe joined UNO, their machine guns were enhanced with greater electromagnetic drives, capable of electromagnetic shielding, and acceleration of machine gun bullets in railgun fashion.



The Tralkik Seeker has the appearance of a stereotypical car, with a few weapons, and with its 'cockpit' being smaller, and thrusters on its side. Its particle weapon is visible, but not its concealed machine guns on its side, nor its thrusters.


The Tralkik Seeker will zoom around the battlefield looking for enemies to kill, and chase enemy vehicles, as well as blast infantry and vehicles. Seekers can also cloak, but are better at simply firing.


The Tralkik Seekers are equipped with machine guns and particle cannons, but tend to use the machine guns more commonly. They contain electromagnetic drives (which are used for electromagnetic shielding, acceleration and electromagnetic drives for enhanced speed).


Seekers use magnetic drives and jet engines, which on maximum boost, can reach a speed of 700 km/h, making them incredibly fast, and hard targets to hit. They are powered by zero point energy.

The Seeker's armour is capable of disguise, using lightweight hexagonal pixels which are electrically powered by the Seekers' systems on its hull. The pixels are individually heated and cooled using commercially available semi-conducting technology. The hand-sized pixels are made of metal, so that they can sustain physical impact and provide defence against enemy ordnance.



The machine guns of the Seekers fire laser-tipped bullets, which are often electromagnetically accelerated in railgun fashion (but not to the strength of one), making them incredibly deadly at taking out most armour and shields. The particle cannons are deadly against any medium-heavy ground vehicle.


The Seeker uses regenerative albative armour; armour that uses nanomachines to be repaired, like cells would repair a bodies' skin but done far quicker, and on a larger scale. It also uses phasic deflector shielding, which can deflect against most forms of weaponry, albeit weakening under sustained bombardment (a problem that is often removed by making them regenerative, so that they can be immediately recharged by the ship's energy supplies, or absorbent, so that they can absorb energy from the weapons fire), but not capable of deflecting against phased or transphased weapons.


Seekers are used as light vehicles, which zoom around the battlefield hunting for enemy targets to destroy. They are useful at breaking enemy lines of fire, as well as lowering the morale of infantry lines, and of course causing large damage to vehicles.

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