The Tralkik Killers are a form of Tralkikianoe.



Killers were developed by Tralkik Destructors in the producers as the Tralkik's answer to enemy bombers; Tralkik Destructors often fell to enemy starfighters and bombers targeting critical systems and pre-occupying the Destructor's weapons while enemy capital ships dealt damage from a distance. Killers were used to both imitate these tactics, and defend from enemy starfighter attacks.


Developed during Intervention when battling with Unified Nation of Ottzello, the Destructors observed UNO's use of railguns on starfighters, and imitated them. Later, when the Tralkikianoe joined UNO, UNO perfected the Killer's railguns.



The Killer has two pincer-like wings on its side, complete with weapons, and a long, beak-looking bdy, also complete with weapons. It also has a railgun at the front. At the back and top, there is its 'head' containing a glowing eye at the front as well as an AI inside it.


Tralkik Killers are contained within Destructor Tralkik, which also contains a Tralkik Producer in its interior, which mostly produces Killers in space combat situations. Killers will be used as scouts, and to weaken and pre-occupy enemy ships in space combat.


Kilers are fast, agile ships, although they lack interstellar flight capabilities.



Tralkk Killers attack with:

  • Lasers - Used mostly as anti-starfighter weapons, or for targeting critical weakspots on larger ships
  • Railguns - Used as weapons on larger starships

Besides this, Killers contain little weaponry, unless oufitted with extra weapons.


Evading Tralkik Killers is difficult; being AIs, they have no pilot to worry about and have more focused tracking systems, making them nearly impossible to outmanoeuvre. It is better to simply lose these ships in asteroid fields or use sensor jammers, giving an opportunity to strike that way.


Tralkik Killers are Tralkikianoe starfighters, making them sentient starfighters. They are used to swarm enemy ships, while the Destructor causes major damage to enemy ships from a distance. Within Unified Nation of Ottzello, they are used as a supplement to UNO fighter-Bombers.



  • The name 'killer' is given to a Taldar ship (3D probe) - Taldar Killer, which is very different in design
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