The Tralkik Guard is a defensive tower used by the Tralkikianoe.


Tralkik Guards are defensive towers erected on round, on space stations, on moons and any locations, to defend Tralkik territory. Along with Producers, the most prominent structural Tralkik. Tralkik Guards are, essentially, sentient defence towers.



Appears like any normal, large defensive tower. Several of its real defences are concealed, to fool any opponents into thinking the Tralkik are defenceless.


Tralkik Guards do as they were designed; simply track and kill all invaders to the planet on sight.


Tralkik Guards have:

  • Superlasers
  • Electrical attacks
  • Explosives near their surrounding
  • Missiles - Anti-air missiles are capable of homing on targets, while anti-ground simply fire in a straight line


These vehicles are pieced together by humanoid Tralkik, made from parts that were created by the Producers.



The Tralkik Guard uses its fully rotational cannon to wipe out all opposition, as well as additional electric attacks, and some explosives planted in the ground, and finally, missiles.


A really fast jet-fighter can possible evade them, if they can outmanoeuvre the homing missiles too, however, which is a difficult task.


It is best to somehow disrupt the power on Tralkik Guard structures, and while the power is disrupted, to destroy them. With Dark Gyronic used as one power source, however, that can be difficult.

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