Tralkik Destructors are the largets Tralkikianoe.



Destructors were originally starships made by the original Tralkik's designers. These starships had AIs, and when Tralkik Hunters took over one of the ships and removed the people on-board, the ship's on-board quantum replicator allowed it to remake the ships interior using the resources from a nearby asteroid. The interior was now a zero-point extractor, more weapons, and a Tralkik Producer. Having the largest and most capable AIs of all Tralkik, they became the leaders.


When the Tralkik joined UNO, the AIs of these ships were merged with all of UNO's vast array of AIs (see here), as well as being fitted with a concealed railgun.



Tralkik Destructors are long, large starships, which contain the dark purple and red colours of all Tralkik. They have two long wings attached to the side, which contain solar generators, weapons, and other Tralkik equipment.


Tralkik Destructors function as any space ship would; as with all Tralkik AIs, it is capable of evaluating combat situations and picking which move is best. Tralkik Destructors, since they are the largest, have the largest AIs, and so co-ordinate much of the battle.


Tralkik Destructors have incredibly large and powerful weapons, as well as several superweapons. Tralkik Destructors, when travelling through Cold Relays (which create subspace tunnels to travel through) can create hypermatter, to use for energy and weaponry. However, those aligned with UNO use zero-point generators for energy, and hypermatter for weaponry.


Tralkiks are produced at orbital stations, with the different parts being made by producers, and the final design put together by humanoid Tralkik.



Tralkik Detructors use:

  • Superlasers - Used for anti space weaponry
  • Railguns (with Unified Nation of Ottzello)
  • Hyperluminal missiles - Causes damage purely by incredibly high velocity
  • Particle weapons - Uses high energy particles to cause damage; in the Tralkik case, this is normally plasma. Particle weapons have the power of a nuclear weapon the sme size.
  • Subspace compression wave - The ship fires a projectile that detonaes, creating a subspace compression wave. Also known as gridfire, they can destroy entire sectors of space at (much like all hypermatter propagation) superluminal speeds. This works by detonating a specialised hypermatter weapon inside subspace (fired within Cold Relay-created subspace, where the hypermatter is also made) pushing subspace layers into realspace and thereby causing a far larger and more expansive release of hypermatter radiation (from the subspace layers themselves) than would otherwise be possible.


Evading Tralkik Destructors requires the same evasion tactics as with any large capital ship; while it is arguable that speed would be a method in most cases, Destructors utilize gravity-well generators.


Tralkik Destructors, being the largest Tralkik, have the largest and thus most capable AIs, and so are leaders of Tralkik forces. The Destructors themselves are capable of mass destruction. Essentially sentient spaceships, Tralkik Destructors are large capital ships with the strongest Tralkik weapons.

Now reformed as the Union Republic of Ottzello
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