The Epicon, was the last innovation of the Delpha Coalition of Planets. It was a new ship on the line, and was being tested for a future fleet of ships. However, during flight tests, the Annihilation scourged most of the universe.

The Epicon ship Edit

Purpose Edit

Before the DCP's and most of the universes demise, the Epicon was one of the DCP's most top secret projects - one that would recover technologies from the most advanced civilizations that exist or have existed known the Coalition, and some of the most alien speies too. Although the DCP has created many marvellous technologies few can rival in the Gigaquadrant, it is still far from some, even though most that had surpassed the DCP has now either transcended in some way or another or had become extinct. The goal before the annihilation was to test the first ship of the line, it would become part of an unstoppable fleet. Technologies would not be wasted by war, others, which the DCP coudn't afford enemies to develop countermeasures, would go into the DCP's grander goals.

After the universal annihilation, not much of the Gigaquadrant was left, what survived had been saved by the godraces, however, the Epicon was lucky enough to have escaped through time itself, using the Q-mirror (see below). With the DCP no more, Captain Yuna was forced to do a a DCP operation in which if the Coalition was destroyed, but the species survived, the best interests of survival they should be protected. Indeed, there were lots of remnants. In the post-scourge universe, there was much calamity, and despite The Epicon's power it would still keep a low profile. It would now work behind the scenes, perhaps for Majestic.

The Epicon is truly on the most powerful ships ever devised. Using DCP technology and those salvaged of even greater civilizations, it can take on an entire Grox fleet, or a ships from almost any Tier 1 civilization. This of course, would be tested...

Crew Edit

There are 200 living crew, along with virtuals and the sentient components of the ship.

Voyagers Edit

Technologies and Artefacts Edit

The DCP were conducting lots of covert missions to steal technologies from civilizations greater than them, some which ended up being built into the ship's systems. Other artefacts were being carried by The Epicon during the Annihilation.

  • Xyanxen (and other Godrace) technology.
  • The Technoosphere
    • CTC Quantum Processors which can answer a question before being asked.
    • Computronium.
  • First Ones (various, Milky Way).
    • Stable hypermatter (they are known for their hyperspace structures).
    • A Hyperspace phase engine found in the rubble of a blasted planet - It is capable of shifting in and out of hyperspace, as well as Hyperspatial cloaking and "Trapdoor tech" - A defense against Transmat teleportation by beaming the explosive energy into hyperspace.
    • One Ice World yeilded Zero-point energy extractors along with a Time dilation device and an Interdimensional Visbility Device.
    • Arthur's Mantle was stolen from Glastonbury, England.
    • Localized Gravity Transmission - To "pancake" the crew of an enemy starship by increasing the strength of gravity, using the basis of a Bias/Pitch drive
    • Dimensionally transcendental storage (only info storage). It was leftover from the Time Wars.
    • The Round Table was stolen from the New British Empire's Historical Museum on Luna.
    • The Lost Chest of Moozilla - Not so lost now.
    • Treasured Grail
    • Llama abducted from the Galactic Core
    • Will's Old Sword
    • Screebles' column.
    • Portal guns.
  • Omnipotent Four
    • Pre-ascended Xhodocto-destroying weapons.
  • The Dacean Ecumene
    • Vacuum energy regeneration
  • The Junction
    • Void bubbles.

Technical data on the Epicon class Edit

Physical arrangement, command and control Edit

Tactical systems Edit

  • DCP weaponry
    • Kinetic Projectles - Ultrarelativistic neutronium lances, Reverse-engineered transphasic drones
    • Payload projectiles - Singularity slinger ("peashooters", caseless vortex torpedoes), Quantum torpedoes
    • Directed Energy Weapons - Subatomic disruptors, Super-turbolasers, SUSY Displacement Beams, Quantum resonance charges
    • Superweapons - Solitons for planet and star killing, "Ice-Nine" weapons (strangelets, nanotech swarms, monopoles and negative pressure metastability weapons).
  • DCP Defenses
    • Shields - Non-phasic shields, multi-layered and adaptable, and can change state.
    • Armour - Sentient neutronium hull, Quarkonium shielded systems, Sentient self-reparing nanotech hulls.
    • Other - Ghost phasing, cloaking fields.
  • Xenotech
    • Weapons - AGW-weapon, Localized Gravity Transmission
    • Defenses - "Trapdoor" internal beaming, Warp shield, Time Dilation device

Propulsion systems Edit

  • DCP
    • Sublight/Time Dilation - "quantum vacuum drive", GUT-drive.
    • FTL - Tachyon Shift, Hyperspace drive (also capable of using wormholes).
    • Time Travel - Q-mirror.
  • Xenotech
    • FTL: Xyanxen hyperdrive.

Other systems Edit

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