The Suiliagothrond Battlestation is the first battle station of Rambo Nation. Even more surprising, as the first battle station it has the ability to move position and equipped with a powerful weapon integrated in her, when fired it can destroy worlds.

Launched during the Quadrantia Disorder at 04 AQF, the battle station was soon escorted by the Suiliagothrond Battlegroup to prepare for action. During the following history more of the Suiliagothrond class were launched into service and the original Suiliagothrond was destroyed during the Third Battle of Karzamahri Nui.

The Suiliagothrond Battlestation class is one of the most powerful weapons created by the Rambo, only rivaled by the Wells-class and the dreaded Angforst.

History & Design[]

Design Stage (Sometime BQF - 04 AQF)[]

The earliest design of the battlestation already date back far before Empress Ramashe her rule, her father, the late Dino Le Rambo already ordered his military to make sketches though design of the station started shortly after the Second Galactic War in secret.

Though first designed to be a space station, Empress Ramashe and her military changed the design and made the station capable of moving and using warp, and integrated a massive weapon underneath the base and bridge of the promising station. The station soon had the appearance of somesort of knife, which the military used as a codename to identify the station: Dino's Dagger. After construction started at a remote and sectet location deep within Rambo Nation the design proved difficult, and upon the treaty of Fornaeria Colonel Chodecra of the Chinawkya became assigned to the project. His knowledge, cunning and devotion meant that progress was finally seen again at the station and the Empress rewarded Colonel Chodecra as her right hand.

'The Suiliagothrond (04 AQF-05 AQF)[]

Dhazhrak reveals himself to Ramikku

Around 04 AQF the final production stage was finished and the battlestation was launched at Lesrekta, where the latest technology was installed in secret. Ramashe and Captain Ramdleton (now Fleet Captain) and his crew began working on the station and tried to figure out all ship functions and controls. The 1st month of the Quadrantia Disorder and Great Cyrannus War the station remained in the Metruia Nebula, Captain Ramikku visited the Empress and figured out it was Dhazhrak, an Xhodocto acting as Empress Ramashe. Though Dhazhrak wiped out the memory of Ramikku, is seemed nothing happened and that important fact remained secret from Rambo Nation for another time due. Ramashe (Dhazhrak) then ordered the weapon to be tested at an small moon, and with full weapon loaded power the energy beam destroyed the moon in an instant. It remained in the Metruia Nebula for another month until the 1st Battle of Yadumarth started. With a small Rambo succes and a failed diplomacy with Geldrim, Ramashe (Dhazhrak) ordered the station to travel to Yadumarth!

Yurrus, after being targeted at 15%

After arriving at Yadumarth, Empress Ramashe (Dhazhrak) ordered the invasion of Yadumarth and Rambo Nation began conquering the unfortunate planet. At the same time, Fleet Captain Ramdleton was ordered by his ruler to approach Yurrus, the third city of Yadumarth, with the station. Hanging above the city Ramdleton fired the pro-mounted cannon at 15%, as ordered by the Empress, incarnating all 28.000 citizens and destroying Yurrus.

Battle of Rambo Prime

Afterwards, the station was left in command of Ramdleton, as Ramashe (Dhazhrak) left the station. A few hours later, a Rambo wing was destroyed by a small fleet of Tukio Nutria, with Geldrim announcing his speech and the Yudimarians joining the Confederacy forced Rambo Nation to withdraw. The station and surrounding fleet left Yadumarth and prepared for another battle within Rambo territory.

The battle turned out to be at Rambo Prime, which came under attack by the Confederate Admiral Lizaconda. Yet taken by surprise, they managed to destroy the traitorous Tukio Nutria his prized ship, the Acquistor. With the station at position the Confederate fleet was forced to withdraw. As Ramdleton prepared to attack Karzhamahri Nui, the colony that fell into Confederate hands he was called back by the Marscascus, highest militairy rank of Rambo Command. Given the emergency code 00/01ImpRmshe the station returned to the Rambo Capital. There Ramdleton was stationed and remaind at the Capital for months.

Third Battle of Karzamahri Nui

Since then the two Battlestations haven't been seen in action for a while as they were positioned at tactical positions to defend important planets for a certain Confederate or Grox invasion.

At the start of the new year 05 AQF there were three Suiliagothrond class stations in service, the most recent was stationed at the Rambo capital, as protection for the orbital drydocks. When the Third Battle of Karzamahri Nui started the Suiliagothrond was send to lead the Rambo fleet to victory under command of fleet captain Ramdleton.

Suiliagothrond destroyed

During the battle it seemed with aid of the Suiliagothrond that the Confederacy was being pushed back. When Conderate Admiral Lizaconda ordered to target the station it became damaged but was being covered by the USS Madison and the USS Enterprise-A. Also the USS Ambassador managed to draw away many Confederate ships from the station. Preparing for another volley from the orbital bombardment cannon all of a sudden the Confederate Providence class Resistancia arrived and chrashed straight into the Suiliagothrond. The ensuing explosion destroyed the entire station with all hands and the massive shockwave destroyed half of the Rambo and Confederate fleet above Karzamahri Nui.

The Suiliagothrond was the first station launched and the first to fall in battle.

Suiliagothrond II (05 AQF - Current)[]

Somewhere in 05 AQF the Nation began re-constructing the original battle schematics of the original Suiliagothrond. This new battlestation was to be launched somewhere in 05 AQF/02 NE but recieved some delays due to the "protectrate" status of Rambo Nation after the signing of the Condordat.

The Suiliagothrond II was placed under command of Claire Rambo and was tasked with retrieving Empress Ramashe from Carnthedain. In addition to the station two Acclamator-class vessels were assigned as escort and assist for ground invasions if needed. After spending three weeks at the capital, doing training and stuyding the schematics and weapon systems Claire was finally allowed by Rambo Command to leave and start her newest mission.

Clearing the wormhole from the QF

After a small week they arrived at the Wormhole Plataeu and the station contacted vice-admiral Ramtainus who was to attack first with his fleet of damaged star destroyers. While he started the attack at the Quadrantia Federations fleet, Claire and her two Acclamator-class ships (among them the USS Implacable) entered the wormhole as well and entered Q21 while the battle between Ramtainus and the QF was raging on. Taken by surprise the QF fleet was unable to change tactics as Claire ordered the stations cannon to fire at 25%- which incernated two third of the QF fleet. At once all QF-ships retreated and the wormhole was cleared once again.

Claire welcomes the Empress, Lourdes, Dil and Riordan at the bridge

Pleased by completing one part of her mission, Claire continued the journey and ordered her crew to set course to Zevia. After a two week travel they arrived at Zevia where at the same time the wormhole opened from the "Space in Between" to allow cargo freighters to enter Quadrant 21. To their own surprise Empress Ramashe was present at one of the freighters as well, escorted by Riordan Rambertan who took the entire Carnthedain Elven population for safe keeping with him. Onboard Claire was instructed by the Empress to continue her search for this Zevian Skull and when finished with her Zevian Exploration, she was to invade Carnthedain and liberate the planet from the sorceror.

When Ramashe returned to the capital, Claire started planning her Zevian exploration with the Elven population onboard. After the expedition was finished, the station changed course for Carntedain.

The station taken hold by a gravital pressure, while the USS Implacable struggels to free herself

Finally, in the third month of 03 NE/06 AQF the station finally arrived at Carnthedain and prepared to deploy her troops. After sensors indicated that the dark fortress was empty, Mortar was given the assignment to aid the elves in returning to their villages. Setting up a food and medical provisions, he also was instructed to install a long range transmission computer, as the planet was to be fallen under protection of the Nation in short time soon to come. After that done, the crew waited for Claire her return, with whom they lost contact with when she entered the dark fortress. When she returned to the station, she refused to talk about what she encountered but she came back with a broken arm.

Shortly after the red alert was raised from the bridge- it seemed a massive portal was opening behind the station, the massive gravital pressure released took hold at the station- damaging systems in injuring crewmembers. The pressure also attracted both the USS Implacable and the Infector- but before a coallision could happen between the ships the station was phased to another location. The station reappeared in orbit of the planet known as Aecor, where the crew managed to regain control of the stabilizers and gain her horizontal position again- preventing a chrash at the metal ring.

It was later cornered by a massive Cognatus fleet, but before hostilities could break out the Nation and the Cognatus Empire made an agreement. The Suiliagothrond II remained behind as a permenant guard station for the planet Aecor.

Other Suiliagothrond Battlestations[]


Agandaûr fires at Vahltara

In the 8th month of 04 AQF a second Suiliagothrond Class Battlestation came into service, the second of the 8 upcoming battlestations. This station was called the Agandaûr and command was given to a Serindia Rear Admiral. The maiden voyage of the Agandaûr was travelling to the Rambo/CAS planet known as Valhtara, a Rambo planet which defected to the Confederacy. Fearing another Resistance the Rear Admiral fired the bombardment cannon at 18 %, scourging the planet and destroying the settlement. Various Confederate ships managed to escape but the Read Admiral didn't care, as demorilised troops brought fear to their own numbers, telling the dreaded stories of the battlestation of Rambo Nation!

After the reforming of the URC into the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus the Agandaûr returned to rambo space in Q82.


It is also known that 4 Suiliagothrond-class Battlestations guard the Royal Palace in orbit of the Rambo Capital. During the fall of the capital they were disabled by the Empire before they could be used against the fleet due to the sudden appearance of the wormhole connecting the Rambo Capital and Capricaerón. The following energies disabled all sensors of the stations and left them unable to join the battle due to their sensible systems.

Around the sixth month of 05 AQF Rambo Nation launched another volley of 5 stations into service, shortly before the declaration of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus. They were soon dispatched as security station in orbit of various tactical planets, in both Quadrant 82.

In the first month of 03 NE, the third year of the Dark Times, Apollo was brought back to Orbispira onboard a Venator-class Star Destroyer which docked with a Suiliagothrond Battlestation that was orbiting Orbispira.


After the fall of Rambo Nation in 21 AQF (2819) all Suiliagothrond-stations were sieged by the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus and either were spirited away or dismantled to provide materials for the Imperial warmachine. The Agandaûr however vanished and is presumed lost.

Technical Data[]


The battlestation's role is simple, it is used to defend Rambo Nation and destroy the enemy forces. Escorted by the Suiliagothrond Battlegroup the station can almost wage war on her very own.

Though the Empress only plans to use the station in dire need, as she sees the station as to valuable to let it damaged in battle. Empress Ramashe also uses the station now as her new home and headquarters, she said the reason was she was more safer here then at the Capital Planet. Though the reasons for her new HQ's are more darker and unknown. From the station the Empress can be notified from all events happening throughout Rambo Nation, as the station is also seen as the secondary Rambo Command.

Weapon and defense system[]

Prow-mounted bombardment phaser fires at 79%

The station is equipped with many weapons, including phasers, turbo blasters and can fire photon, quantem and transphasic torpedos. With over 195 RambLite Mark IV's shield generators, the station has the most modern shields, just like the Wells Class. This means the station can defend herself but also can take quite some damage. The shields are the strongest around the bridge and around the prow-mounted bombardment phaser.

The prow-mounted bombardment phasers lies underneath the main section of the station, and gave the station the appearance of a knife. This powerful weapon can destroy world when fired at maximum power. Though it will take a rotation of 15 hours before it is fully recharged. Though the weapon can also be used for bombardment and pin point attacks at the planet surface.

When the prow-mounter bombardment phasers fires at 79%, it can destroy a moon, though it generates a massive shockwave and energy release. Rambo scientist believe, when fire at 100% it could rip open space, causing a temperal disturbance.

Propulsion System[]

With 4 Gyronic Reactors and 25 Warp Cores the station is able to move herself through space with a maxium of Warp 3. Though when using to travel the station's prow-mounted bombardment phaser will take 2 hours before it can be launched.


Because of the massive size of the station and difficult design, there are a lot of hallways and quarter rooms for the crew. Though the most important locations are the bridge and the war room, where all events can be moniterd which are happening througout the Nation. Though there are also transporter rooms, shuttlebays and more!



The bridge of the Suiliagothrond Battlestation is the most important location of the station. From here Fleet Captain Ramdleton, Lieutenant Ny'Les and Lieutenant Sarossk among others are commanding the station. The bridge is equipped with many screens, which are use to monitor event within the station and what goes around the station (like monitoring the fleet positions).

War room

The bridge is heavily defended by turrets and shields and is believed that is cannot be breach by an incoming ship. The flight controls and captain's position can be found on a elevated plattform. The bridge is directly linked to the war room, which is in fact also part of the bridge.

The war room features a table with holographich abilites, often used by Colonel Chodecra to plan battle strategies and determinate there current location and best way of approach. Though this table is also used by the Empress, as from here she can monitor all events happening throughout the Nation and from beyond, when talked to the Empress this often happens on the bridge and all officers and soldiers there have promised not to reveal anything that is discussed on the bridge. If they do, it is punishable by death.

Throne Room[]

Throne Room

By far, the second most important location on the station, also protected by turrets and shield generators the throne room is the personal and private working quarter of the Empress. With her personal transporter the throne room is difficult to reach without her personal approval and her Royal Guards are ever present to defend her from anyone.

With a elevated level her throne chair gives Empress Ramashe a great view over space and the fleet that escorts the massive battlestation. She often goes there for rest, when her presence is not needed. What she is doing in the room only her Royal Guard know, not even Ramdleton is informed what is going on in that room.

When the Empress is not onboard the area is off limits.

Shuttlebay with Argo Shuttle


The station counts over 325 shuttlebays, though small they can only house one shuttle at a time, though not all are always used and there are some free shuttlebays for visitors of the station. Under guard of Chinawkya and Serindia Troopers, it seems impossible to enter the station without clearance from the bridge.

There are also shuttlebays specially used by the Argo Shuttles and Jeeps, this way if needed the station can also deploy ground forces for battle or for citizens in need.

Rambo Nation Suiliagothrond Forces[]

The station, as said earlier on, can wage a battle on her own, as she has a great deal of soldiers, ground forces and vehicles onboard. Equipped with various shuttles to transport the soldiers and fighters, it can invade a planet and defend herself for quite some time without reinforcements.

Below the various forces are listed, whether they are soldiers, vehicles, shuttles or fighters. Later on, most of the forces were replaced by clone troopers and clone trooper marines.

Personnel and Crew[]

Claire Rambo (Formerly)

Claire Rambo Armor!.png
Claire Rambo (Armor).png
  • Name: Eclair Misca Sancest Rambo
  • Species: Rambo Humanoids
  • Gender: Female
  • Role: Special Operative & Commander of Suiliagothrond II

Eclair Misca Sancest Rambo, known by most as Claire Rambo is the daughter and only child of Captain James Rambo of the USS Enterprise-A. Her full name is only known in the registers of Rambo Nation and her parents.

After adventures in service of Rambo Nation, and temporarily in service as Hand of the dreaded Moranonúnur Claire found herself back in service of Rambo Nation.

Tasked by the Founder and Regent Ramtilsae she was given command of the Suiliagothrond II to find the missing Empress Ramashe and continue her search for the Zevian Skull.

Other crew under her were Commander S'aur and Lt. Irana.

Niner, Senior Clone Commander
Niner 1.png
Niner, Rambo Marine Trooper.png
  • Name: Niner
  • Species: Clone Trooper
  • Gender: Male
  • Role: Chief-Security Officer/third in command

Niner is a Rambo Trooper Senior Commander, equally to an army rank of Corporal First Class. As a trooper he is loyal to the Royal Crown and very dedicated in serving her and wouldn't hesistate to sacrifice his own life for the Nation.

Niner didn't see much action during the Great Cyrannus War and was instead placed as a chief-guard at the Rambo Nation Capital Space Station. Luckily in 06 AQF he recieved new orders and was transferred to the Suiliagothrond II to act as the chief-security officer onboard the station- together with a platoon of his clone marine troopers. After Claire was assigned to other duties, Niner remained behind.

Niner is often seen as the right hand of Claire Rambo onboard the Suiliagothrond II-, he is cunning and clever and as her right Hand he is thirdt of command of the station. When in combat he uses a RN-05 Gun.


As a Rambo Nation militairy/navy station, it has a large battalion of clone troopers and space marine troopers onboard. They are fully loyal to it's commander and the Royal Crown!


Fighters and Shuttles[]


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