The Legatus Stutgart-class is the Legatus' main dropship to bring troops into battle and vehicles like the LTT. The dropship was able for surface and orbital movements though dit not have a hyperdrive. The class was armed with two Forward Mounted Heavy laser cannons and two forward laser cannons. It featured two wings and consisted out of two levels.


As the Legatus was expanding its influence across its main territories in the Quadrant Galaxies and enforced its will amongst most of the Space in Between, the Legatus Army required to become more mobile. As such, with vehicles as the LTT and the introduction of marines and infantery troopers, the Stutgart-class was introducted within the Army as a dropship and assault vehicle. It was named for the lost admiral, Schlahs Stutgrat.


The Stutgart-class Assault Dropship featured two levels, an upper deck that housed the ship's control, and a ventral troop compartment that could house up to 60 troops. The dropship had two wings and was fitted with two Forward Mounted Heavy laser cannons and two forward laser cannons. In addition is was also equipped with deflector shields. It had four powerful engines capable of an air lift and allowing the vehicle to act both within orbit as within the air. It had however no hyperdrive.

The aft circular construction could be magnetised so it could carry a repulsor craft, like the LTT into battle.

Though an army vehicle, the dropships were piloted by naval pilots.


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