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Station Halcyon is a space station located in the Cyrannus Galaxy that serves as the hub of the Seven Starr Alliance, after being moved from the Galaxon Galaxy in the aftermath of the Annihilation. The Halcyon stations are composed of two O'Niell Cylinder's, both are over 20 miles (32 kilometres) is length, and over 4 miles in diameter. These stations are quite large, and each contained 250 square miles of land on the inside. The pair of stations, Halcyon 1 and Halcyon 2 are a pair, but together for one structure. The pair have the capacity to hold several million people. The station is in orbit at the L5 point in orbit around Vundrum-Alpha, a gas giant.


Early HistoryEdit

After the Annihilation, Station Halcyon was moved by the Vi'Navitum to the Cyrannus Galaxy. The station is again put on the edge of the frontier, as a bastion of Gigaquadrant hope after the devastation in what was believed to be a shining galaxy of democracy. With much of the universe in ruin (including the believed extinction of the Delpha Coalition of Planets), it was also guarded by the safest power, the United Republic of Cyrannus. However... times change.

Bold New WorldEdit

The Gigaquadrant was wrong and Station Halcyon abandoned. During the Dark Times, the New Imperial Order would love nothing more than to dig it's clutches into Station Halcyon. This is the political background of Series 2. New factions such as the Draconid Imperium, and many other interesting things could pop up, like artifacts left behind by the Oikoumene or other Precursor races. The new frontier opens up the possibility of meeting even more alien races. And finally, there is the secret agenda of Majestic to unravel.


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Technical InformationEdit


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Station Halcyon in orbit.

As a base for Seven Starr Alliance, the purpose of the station is to create a new place in which to promote peace and cooperation on the periphery of unexplored reaches in the Gigaquadrant. Additionally it stores a recovered archive from planet Orathvor, which destroyed in the wake of the Tigris War. The station appears to have some secret purposes as well, which only became revealed in the coming years of its construction.

The design of the station uses the ingenuity of all members of the Seven Starr Alliance. The Milky Way Cooperative, which has a large population of humans won the vote to build an O'Neill cylinder, a simple but elegant design that can house a large volume and rotate to simulate gravity. The Delpha Coalition of Planets contributed their technology for housing multiple species from different atmospheres in one environment by using clouds of nanotechnology, force fields and porous membranes to partition incompatible species. The Cephalodians contributed by filling the station's habitats with morphic life from their homeworld Seladiscas, capable of creating food that will flex itself to sustain almost any biochemistry (known as galactic standard). These technologies would also make their way in the construction of habitats for the Cooperative. [add your civilisation contribution here].

Artificial GravityEdit

The amount of energy needed to power artificial gravity on the station would be enormous, and while not impossible it would be a vulnerability should the station lose power. Instead, the station uses a more traditional method of rotation to simulate artificial gravity. The pair of cylinders rotate in an opposite direction to each other, in order to avoid a gyroscopic effect that would make difficulty in facing the sunward direction. However, a major problem is keeping the gravity and atmospheric conditions suitable for different species. This problem is counted by concentric inner sections moved their own rotary thrusters, for example:

  • Halcyon 1/Section A: Rotates 10 times an hour; suitable for low gravity carbon-based life.
  • Halcyon 1/Section B: Rotates 40 times an hour; suitable for most carbon-based life.
  • Halcyon 1/Section C: Rotates 80 times an hour; suitable for high gravity life.

The centre of axis of each cylinder is a zero-g environment, which is great for recreation and tourism. However, vehicles and people must be careful not to come close to the sections rotating beneath them, or will experience a considerable impact. The centre axis is useful for transference between rotary rings, where one must take a vehicle to accelerate towards the rotational vector of the floor.

Environmental ControlsEdit

Generally, the weather on Station Halcyon is fair. Because the atmosphere is suffused with utility fog, individuals or communities on the station may choose to have localised weather such as precipitation of water or methane, or miniature "fake" cyclonic events and lightning.

The ecosystem on Station Halcyon is self-sustaining, however during the events of the Annihilation many abandoned the station and it lost power. Some life managed to survive as a testament to the ecological stability of the station.


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The interior of the station.

There is a variety of regions inside the colony. The main obvious part, is he cylinder, which contains thousands of square miles of land, that was carefully placed inside, with various environmental control technology underneath, hidden from view.

  • Cylinder
    • City ring - Suitable for all, workers and citizens alike.
    • Canals - industrial regions, connected to large canals which stretch around the cylinder.
    • Sea and sea ports - The main purpose here is to support aquatic members, and as an important factor of climate and weather in the settlement.
    • Agri-ring - Where various food is grown. The food is set at the galactic standard. However, replicators can modify and turn the food grown into any form that would be suitable for any species. Among the fields, there are more canals and arcologies.
    • Eco-zones - Again, set at galactic standard. Since there is so many human life spread across the universe, various life descended from Earth exist. Since they are common, they have become the standard. This zone is important for supporting the climate or for recreational purposes.
    • Another sea
    • City ring 2
  • Cylinder underworld - However, most of the maintenance occurs "underground". This is the underworld, gangs and criminals sometime hide out down there. It is not a place suitable for citizens or visitors.
  • Outside - Certain parts of the ship are outside the cylinder but still attached to the ship. They look more like the interior of a normal station. This is where the ships is controlled, and where important diplomatic meetings take place.


Station DefensesEdit

The new SSA station is designed for peace, so it is not heavily armed like a warship, but does have strong defenses, including several superlasers, various turrets, a cloaking field, limited ghost phase and several layers of deflector shielding. There is a small fleet of SSA ships which are often nearby, escape pods, teleporters leading to a secret atmospheric station in the clouds of V.Alpha and advanced scanning systems. The defensive systems have been proven to be robust enough to protect the station from foreign threats of at least tier three power.





  • Station Halcyon is the setting of the fiction story of the same name.

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