Starbase 25 is a Ramboidae Artificial Moon (RAM) Type III-station deployed along the (in)famous Gorge near the planet Rambo Prime. It is located at the Wormhole Plateau and guards the various wormholes that lead into Quadrant 82.


Loyalist and Dutch forces approach Starbase 25, August 2820

Starbase 25 is a Ramboidae Artificial Moon's, also known amongst personnel of Rambo Command as the RAM's to guard and monitor any transmission or vessel that enters or leaves Quadrant 82. This massive military station is a vital and strategic location for the protection of the Ramboidae Realm and construction was finished in 2819. Construction was hastened during the Gorge Dispute and the rising tension with France though after the subjugation of Rambo Nation the station fell under control of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus.

At 02 August 2820, the Rambo Loyalist and Kingdom of the Netherlands naval forces assaulted the station though faced heavy resistance by the defending Imperials. Though Ramboidae personnel disabled the station to prevent it from firing on the resistance forces, the Imperial forces under command of admiral Apticyus pushed back the Loyalist and Dutch forces. The timely arrival of a Civatron led Singularim Pact fleet ensured the victory of the resistance forces and the station was liberated.

Shorlty after, a joined crew of Ramboidae, Dutch and Singularim personnel protected the wormholes with the Dutch and Singularim having been giving full control over the wormholes leading to their home territories. In addition, the Civatron were given control over the mined wormhole leading into the Tigris Galaxy as well.


The Ramboidae Artificial Moon Type III is a moon-sized military battle station and listening post. Developed under the Congregation Act, the Type III RAM is equipped with massive attenaes and sensor dishes to provide a large sensor coverage that reaches well into the Cyrannus Galaxy for Rambo Nation vessels and citizens.

The type III houses a large contingency of military troops as well, including its own cloning facility. It main purpose is a defensive one as it lacks a super laser. The type III are design to be located at strategic important locations to aid in the defense of a planet or certain region as the station is heavily armed. It sensor dishes and attanaes are both its major strength of purpose and at the same time a vulnrable targets. As such all sensor dishes are defended by weapon plattforms and are equipped with their personal shield generators.

Shared ownership

Though owned and maintained by the Ramboidae forces, the station is shared by other powers as well to share it strategic importance and boost the stations defences to sway enemy forces from attacking it.

Besides the Ramboidae, control of the station is shared with the following powers:

  • SIngularim flag.png Singularim Pact
    After the libartion of the station in August 2820, the Singularim shares ownership to honor their aid in liberation the Ramboidae Realm.


As Starbase 25 is located within the Wormhole Plateau it protects, monitors and guards the wormholes leading into Quadrant 82. The following Wormholes are located at the Wormhole Plateau and provide entrance to the following galaxies within the First Gigaquadrant:

Cyrandia Cluster
Ikiwa Eropsii Cluster
Xonexi Cluster

The Wormhole Plateau also houses various wormholes leading into the Endless Space of the First Gigaquadrant:

Endless Space


  • If users want they can add their own galaxy to the list to provide a direct entrance to Quadrant 82.