The Star-class Frigate, better known as the Veneatio frigate or the star frigate is a sturdy and reliable 320 meter long counter-insurgency escort ship often found within the Western Regions of Quadrant 82.


The Star-class frigate was constructed at the shipyards of Eris by the Saurien Sector Corporation (SSC) to be sold at the civilian market. During the occupation of Rambo Nation the SSC took inspiration from the Cyrannus Nebulon-class and elements of the old Venatioa-class- combining them resulted in the design of the Star-class. First ships were launched into service shortly after the fall of Rambo Nation in October 2819 (21 AQF) and soon became a common sight within the Western Regions. Though available on the free market, the SSC deploys the Star Frigate themselves as well, often as escorts for the slower and important Kunotori-class cargo plattforms.

By September 2820 the Dinotopian Republic acquired militarized versions of the Star-class for use within the Dinotopian Defence Navy and first saw action during the battle of Ramar Shadda. By the end of the year the class became the backbone of their navy.


The Star-class is easily recognised by its large vertical blade centered on the bow of the ship- both to intimitate foes and used for ramming and increased navigation. Its mid-section is rather thin and vulnrable for enemy fire.

The Star-class is mounted with two large forward dual turbolasers and various point defense turrets the ship is actually heavily armed for its size. It is equipped with a hyperdrive and impressive shielding.

Ships DeployedEdit

Star-class Dinotopian Republic
  • DSS Starfish
  • DSS Stardust
  • DSS Starling
Star-class Civilian
  • none mentioned yet


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