The Legatus Stalker-class Transport Shuttle is a multi-role transport in service of the Legatus Navy and the Army. It is armed and heavily reinforced to withstand hard landing or landings in combat situations.


The Stalker-class Transport Shuttles were first seen around 2820 at Muunivelle, these large transports were used by the Legatus for multi-role purposes. It was designed to ferry troops or cargo over relative short distances, and as such acted as landing crafts. They were also used to ferry personnel from one place to another and were standard craft found at large Legatus vessels.


The Stalker-class had an arrow shape designed and two large enginges, various thrusted at its underside so it could manouver both in space and in orbit. It could land virtually anywhere if there was enough landing space.

It was equipped with powerful shieldings, capable of withstanding various hits by a Star Cruiser. Within, it could house over 30 troops and could carry a small vehicle underneath is required. It was armed for defense purposes but often was escorted by ASP-starfighters for protection.

It was also equipped with a hyperdrive.


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