Smogash Express is a Curagae-class corvette in service of the Rambo Loyalist and under command of the Amiaeria officer Sentegas Dofine.



Supplying Raptor Squadron, May 2819

In 2802 (04 AQF) the individual Santegas Dofine gained possesion over a Curagae-class and named it the Smogash Express. The ship became the base for Smogash Transport, a small company that could be hired to ferry cargo across the Cyrandia Cluster. The ship houses its own Tiger-class squadron for the defense of the vessel.

The individuals Zaa Ashara and Hisharo Kyōrisibo joined the crew in 2819 as fellow smugglers but remained unaware that Dofine was associated with the Loyalists. Dofine in secret had allied himself with the resistance and uses his ship to gather intelligence and ferry goods in secret across the Cluster to Loyalist associates. By may 2819 (21 AQF), he was forced to supply Raptor Squadron near Ozdudrahk much to his dismay.


Name Rank Position Timeframe
Sentegas Dofine Captain Commanding Officer 2802 - ongoing
Hisharo Kyōrisibo Crew Operations 2819 - ongoing
Zaa Ashara Crew Helm 2819 - ongoing
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